Beautiful Day!!

It is such a BEAUTIFUL day outside that I wish I could be out there enjoying it but I have papers to write inside, so sad : ( Although I enjoy living in a city environment and love the little apartment and nest D and I have made for ourselves, I do really miss having a back porch or yard to sit outside, feel the warm breeze and to sip on a cool drink - ahhhhh!! So instead I'll just reminisce with some pictures of our vacation last summer in Miami : )
Us lazily lounging on a hammock.
Under a sky of palm trees.
In the coconut grove of hammocks. Oh how I miss this <3

If I had a house and a yard, these might be nice today as well...
This just looks like the best thing ever. I could live with D on that thing!
With this glass in hand! : P 
Found from Urban Outfitters.
And then watch a movie under the stars...I can't wait until Hoboken begins Movies Under the Stars starting in June. Looks like a great list of movies this summer including Moneyball, The Artist, The Help and Bridesmaids : )

I hope everyone can get outside and enjoy the nice weather since I can't.
How do you prefer to spend your time outside?

-Pretty Little Things

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  1. sushi on a blanket with a good movie and not to mention the NYC skyline in the background. Thats not a bad way to spend your Wednesday night.


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