mad about {Mad Men}

I am beyond excited that Mad Men is coming back this Sunday March 25th! I was just watching the news today and they were saying that this show has been off for 17 months -- I didn't realize I've gone so long without this fabulous and fashionable show! In honor of it's return this week, I wanted to share some of my Mad Men favorites, how much I love this show and what it's done to bring style and class back {well at least to fashion.}
One of my favorite pictures of the cast from Rolling Stone magazine.
Mr. Don Draper himself. We love to hate him and hate to love him!
And I LOVE how Banana Republic has created a Men Men inspire collection, bringing back classic pieces like pencil skirts and structured dresses. Oh how I long for a time when everyone dressed like this!

I love the idea of men wearing hats. But unfortunately there's high expectations and a sad reality. Haha this image I found on pinterest just makes me laugh!
And so does this fictional Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor "Sterling Scooper" -- top shelf vodka ice cream with flakes of Sterling's gold and chocolate cigars. I wonder what vodka ice cream would really taste like??
Ever since I first began watching the show I've been dying to throw a Mad Men themed cocktail party, maybe even for my birthday this year. Here is an inspiration board of the look I'd be going for.
Another cute idea for the cocktail party that incorporates my love of chalkboards. A "For the Boys" whisky bar. Maybe even include some candy cigarettes. I'm thinking a "For the Ladies" bar might include some pearls, red lipstick and some girly pink drinks in martini glasses. LOVE
And taking it a step further, a Mad Men Themed Christmas Party - How fab is this? Love this chalkboard with the pretty handwriting and old fashioned tinsel!

So does any else share a love of all things Mad Men like I do?
Who else is super excited for this Sunday nights 2 hour season premiere?

-Pretty Little Things


  1. i have loved the 1960s since i was a little girl and first started antiquing and collecting vintage costume jewelry. when mad men was first released, no one had heard of it.... it was amc's first television series, and though it had some great ads and beautiful people, not many big names. i was immediately hooked.

    cannot wait for sunday! love your images!


    1. I agree - I've had a love of the 1960's and all things vintage since I was young too! I always said I was an old soul and should have been born in a different time : )

  2. I cannot wait for Sunday night! The show has been away for far far too long.

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

    1. Thanks for the comments Mal - and me too! And I can't wait to see to see all the fabulous clothes everyone will be wearing!

  3. I have been meaning to start watching this show - it sounds fantastic and I love the clohes!

    1. You definitely have to start watching it! The clothes alone are enough to love it : )

  4. I love Mad Men. I didn't watch it until I got the first season two Christmas' ago and watched all the seasons last summer to catch up! I love the characters and the style! Such a great show!

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