a few of my favorite things....

TGIF everyone! So as we quickly approach the weekend I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things.
d and i discovered this new Yellow Tail Moscato wine the other day while browsing for some white wine at our local {ghetto} hole in the wall liqueur store. my eye was instantly drawn to this. The sticker on it said "New! Lil' sweet, lil' fizzy" and I was sold. Plus the bottle was a really pretty teal color. Came home and popped it open -- DELICIOUS! It's our new favorite. And now I've just discovered online it comes in pink -- I must find this to try it!
this new tory burch bag I'm lusting for as a spring purchase. I usually don't like orange but this one is growing on me for some weird reason. I doubt it will be in my budget this spring but hey, a girl can dream right?
my new bubble necklace from J.Crew that d gave me for valentines day. I have been obsessed with this necklace since the day I saw it in the catalogue and now I have it. I have so many ideas of how to debut this fabulous necklace but still haven't worn it yet. I think I'm waiting for the perfect outfit or something. Does anyone else ever do that? Wait for the perfect "outfit moment?" Or am I the only weirdo who does this? haha
pretty ombre tulips as I impatiently wait for spring to arrive <3

and last but not least, our little hot dog Tiki! She's 8 years old but looks like a puppy because she's a mini and a runt {I like to call her our perma-puppy!} She's been vacationing at my parents house ever since our weekend away at Baltimore and I'm starting to think she's been doggy snatched because my parent's don't want to give her back! Look how cute she is in her valentine's day sweater. Miss my little meatloaf!

TGIF everyone! Everyone enjoy your weekend!

-Pretty Little Things

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  1. Just tried that Yellow Tail wine -- FAB! Thanks for the recommendation!



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