Make a Statement with the {Bubble Necklace}

It's no secret that I'm seriously obsessed with the bubble necklace from J.Crew. So much so that I hinted and hinted until D finally got it for me this Valentine's Day - what a doll he is! Even though it is a little pricey, I really think it adds that something extra to a normally bland outfit. Not to mention it comes in the most beautiful colors. This is the one I have in turquoise. 
Here's one image I found from J.Crew. I would have never thought of putting these colors together, but once you see them paired the whole outfit comes together beautifully!
 Another image from J.Crew featuring the necklace in black. I love how this is paired with a formal, floor length dress and long gloves. SO elegant yet playful!
Another inspiration photo I found on google in black. Love how this one is casual and chic.
 I love this look featuring the necklace in a coral color. Another image from J.Crew -- here they paired it with a similar bright colored dress giving this summery look a little punch!
Another cute image showing the necklace in two shades of blue.
LOVE this one on Lo from The Hills. She's rockin' a gray necklace with a tangerine colored maxi dress. I want this outfit for summer!
They have also featured the necklace in red {although I don't think it is currently available right now} I really can't decide which color i love more!
Other pairings and color combos you can use with red:
Red on Navy
Red on Reddish Orange

Red on Black & White
 You can find the J.Crew necklace here and retails for $150.
Currently it comes in turquoise, sweet papaya, black and citrus lime.
But I have a little secret I'm about to share with you --

I found a little shop on etsy.com called Basil the Cat that custom makes these necklaces in various colors for $45. I have yet to buy one myself but it's on my wishlist of next purchases!
Here's an image from Basil the Cat's store:
What are your thoughts on this necklace? Obsessed with it like me or think its much?

Hope everyone has a nice weekend - get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather : )

-Pretty Little Things


  1. I'm totally and completely obsessed! One thing I really love, as you pointed out, is how versatile it really is ... I would never have had the imagination to pair it with so many of the colors it's shown with, but you can really get a ton of use out of it! I found an almost identical one on ebay (don't tell anyone) and can't wait for it to get here. :)

    1. Ebay has some great finds too! What color did you order?

    2. I got it in the turquoise color. :)

    3. I got the turquoise too - I love Ebay!

    4. I seriously think the turquoise goes with like every color!!

  2. I love this neckalce. Amazing!


  3. I've been thinking of getting bubble necklace and now I think I'm going to hop over to Etsy and order one! {I've been a bit obsessed with Etsy this summer!}
    Thanks for stopping by Simply Sweet Sunday - I hope you visit again! I've returned the follow and will be back to visit again!

  4. Absolutely love bubble necklaces! Beautiful post!

    xo, jen


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