...these are a few of my favorite things

1. I love the store Anthropologie but can usually never afford anything in that store {$78 for a simple white tee, seriously?} but I still can't help to lust for Anthro-style. This candle is one of my favorite things from there that make my apartment smell seriously delicious. I highly suggest this candle any time you a mood pick me up!
Capri Blue Volcano Candle from Anthropologie
2. Adorable kitchen apron with matching oven mitts. Makes me feel like a little Suzy Homemaker!
 these Anthro finds can be found here
3. Cute "He's Her Lobster" print I'd love to have framed somewhere in our apartment. I love the friends reference - makes me think of me and D. This print can be found here.
4. Tea drinkers "Side Kick" mug from esty.com found here. Perfect for the avid tea drinker like me. Come on, how cute is this??

5. Zen Tea. My absolute favorite tea from Tazo.
Now available in K-cups for those of you who love the Keurig, or live in a tea/coffee house like me.

-Pretty Little Things


  1. I love Zen tea too and I did not know they made them in K-cup form! You totally just made my day :-)
    Love your blog btw, so cute!

  2. K cups changed my life!! I am a big fan of the Hot Apple Cider but when my beautiful girlfriend makes me a coffee/Hot Chocolate mix it's something special. It is very close to a Dunkachino-amaizing!!


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