Fourth of July wear at work.

Of course you knew that I had to sneak in some forth of July festiveness at work -- obviously! The one thing I like about summer (among many) is that things seem to be a little more relaxed. Including the dress code at work. So lately I've been rocking some maxi dresses and denim jackets for a more casual look. Here I have some subtle red, white and blue getting ready for the holiday.
 Outfit Details
Denim jacket: Old Navy // Maxi dress: Forever 21(cute option) // Red bubble necklace: ILY(similar)
Watch: Michael Kors // Wedge sandals: Payless (pretty option)
I still don't have any plans for the forth, but what are you all up to?
And oh yeah, happy friday!! : )

xo Steph

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don't forget.....

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Hope to see you all after July 1st. Stay connected : )

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Viva Las Vegas (part II)

Posting part two of my vacation pics has me already craving to go somewhere else! Last week I was sipping Coronas pool side and floating on a lazy river and today I'm in New Jersey, sitting at my desk in 100 degree (and humid) heat --SPARE! Anyway, I'll stop complaining now.....
take me back to THIS. right now.
remember when I told you in {this post} I was playing around with wigs for fun? Welp, this fab one found her way to vegas for some fun. You know what they say, what happens there, stays there? I thought to myself, where else would be the perfect place to rock some faux hair. If not Vegas, then I don't know where. The amazing thing about wig wearing is hair styling time is reduced to about 1 minute. Put hair in bun, slip on and secure wig. Done. My own hair is very thick and naturally curly, and my regular style time is about an hour since I straighten it. When you're hanging in the pool all day, this is NOT something you want to be doing every night before you go out. Personally, I think this idea is genius. And no one could tell the difference ; ) Luck be a lady tonight!
Other than wig wearing, want to know another vacation tip? Tell everyone it's your anniversary. Now before you all start judging me and telling me how I'm a lying little conniver, think about it. You get special treatment, everyone is a little nicer to you, and it really doesn't hurt anyone. You might even get some free stuff and special seating at restaurants. See free glasses of anniversary champagne above. Cheers!
or free desserts like this delicious creme brulee with strawberries and basil -- delish!

After dinner we hit up this bar called Minus 5 which was -- negative 5 degrees! The entire bar is made of ice, and you have to wear big jackets, gloves and ugg boots on admittance. Let me tell you, that ish was coooooold. D and I lasted maybe 10 minutes in there, but I think it was cool (no pun intended) to have for the experience. I love different stuff like this!
shameless selfies.
Funny story about this flower - I'm not sure what they are called but they look like giant purple dandelions. Anyway, they were down in the casino lobby of the Monte Carlo, and D wanted to surprise me before dinner by showing up at our door with flowers in hand. Since they didn't sell flowers downstairs he "greased" the concierge to let him take one. It was actually really cute opening the door to our hotel room to see him standing there with a gigantic flower pretending to take me out on a date. He's cute like that ; )
This night's line-up was sushi and tickets to see David Copperfield. We have been craving sushi since we usually get it once a week, and we were a little worried it wouldn't compare to our favorite place in Hoboken. But it's vegas, so obviously they were fresh and amazing!!
The restaurant was called "Shibuya" at the MGM Grand. Keep saying the word and it keeps getting funnier -- I swear!
I told you saying it's your anniversary pays off. more "complimentary" desserts!
shameless I know.
So fun story about going to see David Copperfield. One, let me start with a fun fact. D is a magician. Yes ladies, he's done magic since he was a kid and even into adulthood he performed at children's birthday parties. I know -- this was a huge selling point when we first started dating ; )
Anyway, David Copperfield was near and dear to D's heart as a fellow magician -- he looked up to him and was inspired by him as a child. So naturally, if something is important to D, it's important to me. So we bought tickets to the show. Long story short, I was chosen out of the audience (personally by David himself) and I performed a trick with him where he turned a piece of paper into a rose by lighting it on fire! See said rose above. I kid you not, I was right there trying to figure out how he did it, but I'm still at a loss for words. But is it bad that the whole time I was in front of the large audience (and on the large jumbo screen for the seats in the back) I was thinking "oh god, I hope my wig is on straight....."
haha after the trick was done - he got a kiss on the cheek too. I think D might be jealous I kissed his childhood idol! : )
D representin' with the magicians oath!
me and my magical Copperfield rose : )
And sadly, this was our last night. boo. 
Last pic I took in our hotel room before we left for the airport. Ps. best traveling outfit include tshirt, fitted yoga pants for comfort, my hot pink Nike Airmaxes (the most comfortable sneakers EVER), jean jacket and hat. You feel like you're wearing pajamas but still look a little put together.

Bye, bye Vegas. It's been real. Real fun ; )
and hello New Jersey.

xo Steph

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Viva Las Vegas (part 1)

For those of you who follow me on facebook you already know where I've been for the past week. For those who aren't (and by the way, you totally should ; ) our surprise vacation was in Las Vegas and it couldn't have been more perfect. Unlike the "typical" trip to sin city that one might think of binge drinking all day, and booze filled nights, ours was much more tame, but so much more fun than I ever had there before. Lots of sun and cold drinks by the pool (hello lazy river), tan skin, so much yummy food, a few shows and maybe a little gambling too. Take a look at what I've been up to this last week:)
We stayed at the Monte Carlo (found awesome deals on Expedia) and started off our trip the second we landed with some cold mangoritas by the pool, and a yummy fresh salad to fuel up after th 5 hour flight.
well hello palm trees, it's nice to see you!
In the pic with the Miller Lite, you can see the lazy river in the background. The lazy river was by far my. favorite. thing. ever. You purchase a tub and just float. You float all day with a drink in your hand, soak up the sun, and work on your tan. It doesn't get much better than this. I could have done the lazy river alone and left a happy girl! It's the ultimate in extreme relaxation. Well, that and ordering room service whenever possible. I love that too.
I usually treat myself to one new bathing suit a year. I was so happy this floral one came in the mail right before we were ready to leave! It was a great fit and soooo comfortable.
bathing suit top //  bathing suit bottom (both on sale!) // print also in one piece // 
straw hat ---- this hat is even called the "lazy river" hat. amazing.
At the Monte Carlo their featured show was the Blue Man Group. We didn't get a chance to see it (because hey, all those shows get expensive!!) but we figured the Blue Man Group can also be seen in NYC so we'll have to catch them sometime at home. But one cool thing was every night at 6pm they paraded through the casino lobby with their light and music show. Very cool and I'm guessing their show would be an awesome experience.
Instead of the Blue Man Group, we got to see Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity. In case you aren't familiar with Cirque -- they are awesome shows that incorporate acrobatics, ballet, gynastics, music etc. D and I have already seen Cirque's winter show called Wintuk a few years ago around Christmas and loved it so figured I'd give another one a try. Zumanity is Cirque's burlesque show which you have to be over 18 to attend. I was visually stunning and I highly recommend. I also wouldn't mind having any of their bodies -- holy ripped and in shape!! That night after the show we walked the strip and took in some sights. 
Another night we hit up a Brazilian streak house called Pampas. In case you're not familiar, they basically serve you the highest quality meats all night until you say stop. Everyone is given a chip and green means "keep it coming" and red means "I'm so fat and I've had enough"-- if you ever get a chance to go to a restaurant like this I suggest come hungry and not for the vegetarian at heart!
D and I went with a strict strategy. Don't waste your time at the salad bar and load up on the top sirloin and other decadent meats. Because let's face it, we didn't pay $50 per person to eat iceberg lettuce. We just didn't. 
Later after dinner we decided we had to walk off all that meat extravaganza. There are so many sights to see (and so many interesting people too!!) We stopped here at the Bellagio to check out the infamous fountain show.
 {the strip}
 we got perfect timing with the show since it runs every 15-20 minutes. 
It's also hard to find suitable photographers when on vacation (we have a ton of crappy pictures people took) but we semi-lucked out with these few. 
even captured some laughs too!
 Afterwards, we hit up an oxygen bar where we....well, got some oxygen. D always wanted to try it so we gave it a go. Supposedly oxygen has many health benefits and can even create a heightened sense of relaxation when mixed with essential oils. We both definitely felt relaxed, but whether this can be medically proven I have no idea. We were laughing at the pictures we took because it looked like we were in the hospital hooked up to IV's with the tubes up our noses. The running joke started that D had to donate his plasma because all the money we lost in the casinos. That and the photo bombing pic below had D rolling on the floor laughing. I guess it was the oxygen!?
 Aside from the oxygen, we also got 15 minute aqua massages which were the coolest thing ever! You get into this tube (kinda looks like a coffin but you are lying on your stomach) and water jets blast up and down our body massaging all your muscles. There's a barrier between you and the water so you stay completely dry! If I had one of these near me at home I'd be hitting it up all the time. SO perfect for relieving stress and tight muscles. This place was a total score!!
 We left so high and relaxed from the oxygen and aqua massage that we somehow ended up in the Little Chapel O' Love --- and somehow ended up saying "I do" and got married ; )
 ahhhh just kidding! Although I briefly suggested it, D insisted it would be disrespectful to my parents. Ironically when I asked them if they would mind if I ran off and got married -- my mom was fine with it and my dad's exact words were... "hmmm this would be a great idea for me financially!" ahhh gotta love it.

 Anyway, that's part 1 of my trip -- I'll be sharing some more tomorrow.
I also have to say it was wonderful going away and disconnecting from the world, but it's also great coming back with a fresh disposition into the blogging world -- I've missed you all!!

So tell me, what have you been up to this past week? Catch me up on all the gossip! 

xo Steph


Jet settin' and summer essentials.

So I think I might have failed to tell you all that I'm going on vacation. Amidst all the excitement of taking a WHOLE WEEK off of work (yes, so very excited) and booking the trip, I think I forgot to share it on the blog. Where am I going you ask?? Well I can't really say yet. I planned and booked the vacation and the whole thing will be a surprise to D. He won't know where we're going until we board the plane at the airport. Surprise vacation -- how fun is that? We're leaving this Sunday and will be back on Friday (I know, don't miss me too much!). Anyway here are some vacation essentials you'll be finding in my suitcase...

Where to get these summery goodies:

More about my vacation essentials that I think are necessary to have on all summery vacations:

1. Linen dresses and cover-ups. This is a must. Not only are they light and airy in that hot summer sun, but they double as both cute sundresses to wear day or night, and of course, cover-ups at the pool or beach. I love the white linen one seen above (I actually just bought this one and excited to break it in) and also love this one and this Tory Burch one if you don't mind spending a little more. 
2. Cute bathing suits. It doesn't matter if they are itsy bitsy bikinis, tankinis, or classic one-pieces -- all that matters is that you feel cute in your bathing suit. Because if you feel cute, you'll have more fun. Bright colors and patterns are always great summer choices, but you can never go wrong with basic solids too. I also love this bikini and the same print in this one piece. 
3. Sunglasses and hats. These are obvious choices for lounging by the pool or any activity in the sun. I also love these House of Harlow sunglasses or these fun cat eyes sunnies which remind me of She-Ra glasses I used to wear when I was little.
4. Shorts. Cute shorts are a must. Especially if you want to be a little more casual and need a break from sundresses. I love the summer plaid ones above and also love these anchor print shorts and classic denim too.
5. Frizz-free summer hair. My hair can be a freak of nature in the summer. Between the pool chlorine, salt water, and humidity, I can look like the Lion King or similar to that look Monica from Friends was rocking. My favorites are Fekkai After Sun Mask that leaves my hair so soft and the Brilliant Glossing Shine Mist to give my locks extra shine when I wear it both curly or straight.
6. Bright mani and pedi. I love the Mermaid collection seen above, but actually really love both bright white polish (because it highlights that golden tan skin) and hot pinks and neons.
7. Sneakers. Let's be honest. As fabulous as you might want to be, you won't really want to spend your whole vacation in heels. You just won't. Even flip flops and sandals can be tricky, especially if you want to do a lot of walking and sight seeing, so I always suggest cute sneakers for walking. I love the fresh white kicks known as converse but also love Tom's and Tory Burch espadrilles. 


So that's pretty much what you can find in my suitcase. I'm excited to finally get away from everything, so the blog might be kind of quiet this week. But have no worries, I'll be back with all the vacation photos to prove it. Aaaand if you're really curious where we're going and can't wait 'til we get back, follow me on facebook -- I'll be posting pics throughout the trip. If not, see you next week : )

xo Steph


{the double whammy}

This week is a little bit of a double whammy for my dad -- his birthday and father's day are only a few short days apart. I'm sure most people would feel like they are getting cheated out of two different celebrations (kind of like the birthday near Christmas kinda thing) but not my dad. He is a simple man who could care less about presents. He just wants to be with his family and kids. And that's just one of the many reasons why we love him! I saw a quote the other day that read:

Life doesn't come with an instruction book - that's why we have fathers.

And this couldn't be more true. So I just wanted to take this time and say Happy Birthday Dad! {and happy early father's day}. To the man who taught me how to ride a bike, drive a car, and everything in between -- I am so grateful and blessed to have such a strong and loving role model in my life. 
So cheers to you dad, and we'll be celebrating this weekend : )

xo Steph


purple floral majesty

This is one of my favorite tops, one because I love the floral print in purple, and two because it's been so versatile for me. Check out all the other was I styled it here, here and here.
 Outfit Details
Sweater: Loft (similar) // Floral top: Loft (cute option) // Black Pants: Madewell (same) 
Leopard flats: Payless (nice option) // Cross necklace: gift from D (similar) // Watch: Michael Kors (same)
 That's all I've got for you today -- happy wednesday everyone! : )

xo Steph

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{Dad's day gifts}

Anyone else find Father's day one of the most difficult of all the holidays for gift giving? When it comes to buying gifts for mothers (my mom or any mom) I find it so much easier, probably because there is endless amounts of things you can find. Cute things off of Etsy, candles, makeup, clothes.....really anything. Fathers -- that's a whole different territory. My goal for shopping for dad's is going with a theme or hobby they have. Whether that be golfing, sports, music, craft beers, get them something they can use. Here are a few examples of cool gifts ideas for all sorts of dads out there.
Dads day gifts.

It's not to late  -- pick up some of these awesome father's day gifts here:


{Pretty Little Photos}

Life gets busy sometimes. Okay scratch that, all the time. So taking photos sometimes is the best way to document and remember all the fun things you've done. That's the one nice thing about cell phones now -- I have a camera at all times. And this just reminds me that it's time to invest in a new and fancy camera since my iphone has more pixels than my regular digital camera. Momma needs an upgrade!
 My new favorite lunch and our new favorite spot. Half a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and a cup of cauliflower leek soup --- so delish!
oh hello doggy yoga! It's so funny that every time I roll out my mat to do yoga or an ab workout, Tiki has to be right up in there. The other day I was huffing and puffing holding a plank position and she decides to plop down right underneath me! she's too cute for me to even get mad. I usually just laugh and lose concentration.
 Mama mia! I tried my hand at making my own pizza at home. This one is a margarita pizza made with a whole wheat crust. I added some marinara sauce, fresh "mutz," fresh basil, oregano, and lotssss of garlic. Not bad for my first time if I do say so myself : )
Last weekend we took D's momma out for a belated mother's day dinner. Her choice was hibachi, and it was a good choice for sure. I love "interactive" dinners like hibachi or the Melting Pot because it always adds to the fun. Here we even ended up wearing matching earrings (by coincidence) that my mom had gotten us both.
 ohhhh that glorious food.....
 and speaking of food -- I've newly and recently gotten D addicted to guac. He never "cared" for it before -- and all of a sudden he has become obsessed. Like literally ordering it from the Mexican restaurant on our block at 11:00 at night obsessed. I now call him my little guac head.
 And a pretty pic from the Hoboken Memorial Day parade in Hoboken. Even though you can't tell, this flag is the size of a three story building. Unfortunately the photo didn't capture that. And side note: just as I snapped this pic, two people approached me. I thought they were going to ask me for directions. They ended up asking me if I believed in Jesus. I was feeling particularly friendly (because usually I shut people like that down -- I find strangers asking me about religion a bit personal and obtrusive) so I chatted them up for a few minutes. Turns out they were trying to recruit me for a cult that believes we are aliens. I kid you not. Seriously, you just can't make this stuff up. I got outta there real quick after mentioning they were from planet zion. wtf?!
 Enjoying a little light lunch of noodle soup with organic dumplings from Whole Foods.
We wear pink on Wednesdays.  A little pink sparkle for the office never hurt anyone.
 I love a bar with a sense of humor. This bar has a whole wall dedicated to confiscated fake ID's.
Tried my hand at my very first sock bun. A little messy but I think it takes some practice.

So there's my life lately in an abbreviated nutshell. How are things with you?
Hope you all have a lovely day! 

xo Steph

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