Date Night Basket: A year of pre-planned dates.

So glad I finally got around to posting this before January ended. For Christmas because we didn't have much money, D and I decided we would have to make our gifts this year (tricky, I know). I decided to make him a date night basket with a year of pre-planned dates by me. All of which would be relatively cheaper (but more creative dates) since we're on a budget. This gift was really fun to make (and even more fun to use) and I plan on documenting the entire year of dates on the blog. 
So watch out for date night features each month as we go through our basket, and get inspired yourself to make a date night basket of your own for your hunnie!
The date night basket is a great gift for Valentine's day, anniversaries, or bridal shower gifts too!
D loved the idea (considering he is usually the one to plan our dates and do all the romantic things) and I had so much fun putting together a years worth of creative (and affordable dates). Not to mention it's a secret to D each month what we're doing -- so it definitely lends itself to creating excitement and anticipation. 
For January, I decided it would be fun to recreate the day we met, which was a cold January day in which we went bowling. Yup, you heard me. Bowling. 
The irony here is I am terrible at bowling, but as fate would have it, we both joined the same bowling team 3 years ago for something fun to do on a random Wednesday night. And the rest is history!
Each month I also included a second bonus date option that we could go on (in addition to the first date) if we feel like we have extra money to spend that month. For January, it was making pottery at this cool place where I grew up and going snow tubing. We haven't gone on the bonus date yet - but since January is pretty much over, I might make an exception and let us do it next month!
pics of his January date night invitation -- 
and now on to pictures of the date!
Although I wanted to really recreate the first date we met (complete at the ghetto bowling ally where we met) D thought it would be fun if we went into the city and bowl at one of those fancy/night club like bowling places. While this defeated the purpose of saving money -- omg this place Frames in New York's Port Authority is expensive, I mean they call it a bowling lounge -- I loved the idea so we went with. 
And this is why I love him!
Here's us in the freezing cold waiting for the bus into the city. 
Which by the way, got lost on the 15 minutes it should take to get there.
this place was definitely MUCH nicer that where we used to go....
it even had fancy food and drink menus with all kinds of artisan food. Smoked salmon while bowling?
We settled for pizza, chicken fingers and hummus. 
us being silly.
And this picture. This picture is taken from the day we met, three years ago. Who is lucky enough to say they actually have a picture of the first day they met? 
I love this, and I love how awkward and young we look.
I also love how this kid put his arm around me trying to make a move!
Very presumptuous Mr. D! ; )
And three years later. We thought it would be fun to wear the exact same t-shirts we wore.
Because we're dorky like that.

Do you like the idea of creating a Date Night Basket?

Stay tuned for February's date night on the blog: coming soon! xo



the not so ugly sweater

I actually got this sweater for an ugly sweater party back in December (see original post here) but it turns out it got more likes than dislikes. Then I realized, this is a not-so-ugly sweater. If anything, I think it might be kinda cute. So let's try wearing it out in real life and see what happens. And this outfit was created.
Outfit Details
Sweater: Target (clearance rack baby!) // Vest: Gap // Jeans: Target
Rain boots: Hunter // Gold Watch: Fossil // Spike bracelet: Asos
So what do you think -- ugly or not-so-ugly sweater?

Hope you have a wonderful day!  : )


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fur vest

This season, it seems like it's all about the fur (or faux fur I should say). I've been seeing fur vests everywhere I go and styled a million different ways. It's truly versatile in my opinion. Anyway, I've had this vest for a while now ( I actually bought this in the summer when it first came out) and can't believe I haven't featured it on the blog yet. So here you go -- in all of it's furry wonder, I give you the fur vest!
Outfit Details
Fur vest: Express // Black tee: Victoria's Secret // Jeans: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Heels: Zara // Clutch: Tory Burch // Necklace: Tiffany & Co (gift from my bff)
Anyone else obsessed with fur as much as me??

Hope you all have a lovely day! xo



hearts and thoughts they fade.....

Extra points for you if you get the blog post title reference (I am such a 90's music lover!). 
And so sorry for the toilet paper all over the floor in the background. This is what happens when you're super busy (blogging at work among other things) -- casualties will happen! : )
And it's Monday. So let's be flexible shall we!
Outfit Details
Heart sweater: Old Navy // Chambray shirt: Old Navy // Black pants: Madewell
Bauble necklace: Charlotte Russe // Leopard flats: Payless // Watch: Michael Kors
Happy Monday all! xo


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neutrals & leopard details

Color is so in right now, but sometimes I like an old fashioned neutral color pallete. I paired a simple LBD with a cream colored cardigan, leggings, boots, and leopard scarf for a little interest. Since leopard is so versatile, sometimes I even think of it as a neutral because it literally goes with everything!
And leopard really never goes out of style in my book.
Outfit Details
Cream sweater: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's // Black dress: H&M // Leggings: Gap
Leopard scarf: Target // Boots: Bakers // Key Necklace: Kay's Open Heart Collection (gift from D)
Do you gravitate towards more colors or neutrals?
And are you like me that you think leopard can be considered a neutral?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! xo


healthy eating: Tuscany Chicken Pasta

As promised in this post, I will be incorporating more food and recipe posts on my blog because, well to be honest, food excites me and I love eating and trying new things. This recipe in particular is one I created when I was literally throwing things together that I had in my fridge -- and the results were a hit! I made this a few years ago for my roommates who loved it, D loves it....and the best part is that it's relatively healthy and guilt free. I named it Tuscany Chicken pasta (don't ask me why, it just seemed like a good name) and the rest is history. Here is the recipe (sorry I don't measure anything) but you'll get the gist if you want to make it for yourself.
 What you'll need:
chicken breast (cut into chunks)
zucchini and squash (diced up)
2 cans of dice tomatoes (I like Hunt's basil, garlic & oregano)
minced or fresh garlic
lemon juice
salt & pepper
parmesan cheese (for sprinkling or loading on like I do!)
pasta of your choice (I like whole wheat bow ties or rotelle)
 First, you'll cut up the lean chicken breasts into small manageable chunks (remember this is being tossed over pasta so whatever size you want) and dice the zucchini and yellow squash. Here I realized I only bought zucchini so I had to make due. But the beauty of cooking is it doesn't matter. You make due with what you have.
 once everything is diced and prepped, saute the garlic (fresh or minced will work -- whatever you have on hand) with a little bit of olive oil in two separate pans. After the garlic browns a little add the chicken in one pan and the veggies in another to cook both shown below.

 salt and pepper everything to taste as they cook.
once the chicken is cooked through (no longer pink) transfer the chicken into the pan with the veggies.
add the two cans of seasoned dice tomatoes. If you only have plain diced tomatoes you can always season it up yourself during this step using a little dried basil and oregano.
Add a little lemon juice (fresh or bottled -- whatever you have on hand) to give the flavor a little depth.
PS. nevermind my crazy chipped nail polish. Blogger FAIL!
 Saute and simmer.
At this point, get a pot of boiling water ready for your pasta. As I mentioned before, I like using a whole wheat pasta option just because it's healthier but feel free to use whatever you like.
Once the pasta is cooked al dente -- remove pan from simmering, and spoon it out over your pasta.
Don't forget the Parmesan cheese!!
And bon appetite! 
Enjoy a healthy meal with fresh and simple ingredients : )

Hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I do -- and if you have a questions feel free to ask!


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