Hints of Pink

While I'm still trying to get myself together after getting back from Texas, I thought I'd bring you one of my favorite #tbt outfits from year -- which is festive and fun for Valentine's day coming up! I love this outfit because the pinks aren't too in your face. The pants are a nice pale pink, and the clutch and pink lips pull the whole look together. I wore this last year for a weekend lunch out, but if you work in a casual office environment, you might even be able to pull this look off at work!
| Details |
Jean jacket: Old Navy // Striped sweater: H&M // Pink jeans: Target
Pink clutch: Target // Wedge heels: Tory Burch // Watch: Michael Kors
Anyone else rockin' the pinks lately?

xo Steph


Snow Day Chic

Back to the freezing cold tundra, otherwise known as New Jersey. D and I had a wonderful trip and I will be sure to share some pictures of the wedding and Texas as soon as possible. We just stepped off a plane so I'm still adjusting and having reality set back in. So I will be sure to get back to regular posting tomorrow. Until then, here's an outfit fit for this crappy winter day I came back to. Gray skies and freezing winds. This look has lots of grays and blacks which mirror the dreariness of January, but added red lips for a pop of color. Hence what I call snow day chic!

Snow day

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The Anatomy of an Airport Outfit

Did I forget to tell you all that I'm going on a mini vacation to Texas tomorrow? I thought so! Anyway, D and I are taking a "long weekend" also known as a 4 day weekend down to Houston Texas for a friends wedding and we are excited because A.) weddings are super fun and I can't wait to see my dear friend Anh get married and B.) neither one of us have ever been to Texas. I know nothing about the state so I'm trying to google some things we should do when we're down there. I do hear everything is bigger and better down there ; )


| details | 

Among my must have travel items on airplanes I need comfy stretchy pants (hello leggings) comfortable shoes (not trying to wear heels on a plane), layers to be prepared for bot hot and cold planes, and our ipad to keep us entertained. I also have my trust Tory Burch Ella tote which is my favorite bag (also used as my work bag I wear everyday) to lug all my essentials around.
So what are you on plane travel essentials?
And has anyone ever been to Houston and can you suggest anything to see, do, eat?

xo Steph

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Valentine's Goodies

Valentine's day is quickly approaching and it was secretly always one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I loved writing out my Valentine's for my classmates with the sill sayings like "BEE my Valentine" with a little bumble bee on the card. As an adult, there have even been years where I sent family and friends Valentine's Day cards instead of Christmas cards -- which if you think about it sometimes a genius idea. During the holiday season people get inundated with holiday cards and they can get lost in the mix. But Valentine's day is a great holiday to get a card in the mail from someone you love, because who doesn't love getting stuff in the mail?

valentine's goodies

| details |

Anyway, these are my valentine picks -- I went with a red and black theme, classic and chic. 
I would love any of these gifts for Vday, so no pressure here D!! ; )
But in all honesty, between Valentine's day, our anniversary, my mom's bday and D's nieces bday, February can get a little crazy with gift giving. So lately we have been keeping things simple! Do you all do Valentine's gifts? Or do you think it's a silly Hallmark holiday?

Happy Tuesday friends!
xo Steph


SAG Awards Fashion

'Tis the season for award shows! Last week the Golden Globes and this weekend the SAG awards. I always think its interesting because it's a lot of the same faces being nominated for the same films and shows....but what I really like to see is how their looks changed from one award show to another. Some are hits and some are misses, but this year it looks like a lot of people stayed on my best dressed/worst dressed list. Let's take a look shall we?
My best dressed picks:
Lupita Nyong'o in another stunning dress. As a relatively new actress, they is totally nailing the whole red carpet thing. She was on my best dressed for the Golden Globes and she definitely made it on the list again.
I just love the asymmetrical lines in this royal blue dress on Amy Adams. Love!
As you can probably tell I gravitate toward more clean lines and form fitting gowns as opposed to fuller, puffy dresses with a lot of extras. For me simple tends to make a bigger statement. I think this dress fits Jennifer Garner like a glove and the color is lovely on her too.
Another asymmetrical dress in a bold color. Loving her blunt hair cut too!
Elizabeth Moss pretty in red,
All I have to say is, better. Not great, but better.
Still love her though.
gorgeous. elegant. One of my favorites.
so airy and feminine. I love how she did her hair too.
One of my personal favorites is Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad. Not only is she naturally beautiful and does that color look stunning on her and fit her like a glove.....but that clutch!!
Gotta love a gal who doesn't take fashion too seriously!
Also, Anna I wish I knew that nail color. I'm digging it.

And now for my worst picks:
Again with Kerry Washington! 
Note to everyone: this is how to NOT dress when pregnant. I haven't seen anything this unflattering since Kim Kardashian wore that dress with sleeves and gloves that looked like a rug.
And again with Sandra Bullock! Ewww no, this is so 80's prom!!
 uhhhhhh what? I just do not like this.
 Kate when from my best dressed at the Globes to the worst dressed here. This dress is hideous and doesn't flatter her figure.
 There is just too much going on here.
Nope, just nope.

So did anyone else watch the SAG awards? 
What were you best and worst looks of the night?

xo Steph

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Speak Easys & Murder Mysteries

This last weekend D and I went to a murder mystery dinner. But not just any murder mystery dinner -- it was a 1920's speakeasy themed dinner. And I always enjoy a good theme party! Believe it or not, as much as I love Halloween and dressing up (more costumes seen here) I couldn't believe that I have never dressed up as a flapper before. Because I booked this dinner on Groupon back in October, I forgot all about it and didn't have an outfit until, ohhhhh a few hours before. Luckily this resourceful girl was able to throw a few pieces together and the results were pretty damn good! My favorite McGiver move was my flapper-esque headband which was put together with my headband I use for the gym, with a flower pin I usually wear on blazers and sweaters for work.
 These fun pics were taken at the venue. 
Man I didn't realize how tall we were! ; )
 Bootleggin' ain't easy.
Attempting our best Bonnie and Clyde faces. D nailed it. Me, not so much. 
I look more like a madame don't you think?
 obligatory iphone selfie.
 flapper hair and makeup.
and I'll just leave you with a cute picture of Tiki watching the Golden Globes with us!
As you can see, she is clearly very into it.

So has anyone ever done a murder mystery dinner before? I love doing fun, interactive things like this, so this is actually the 4th time I've done one. The first two were when I was in high school, and both times I was the killer (weird right?!) And then the next time D and I went with my parents around Halloween time (very festive of course) and my dad ended up being the killer. This time around there was so many people at the dinner we had to work on teams instead of individuals and I was on the killers team. What are the odds of that?? I'm really starting to wonder here.... ; )

xo Steph


Syrniki: A Russian Twist on Pancakes

So today I'm really excited to do something new....for the first time on Pretty Little Things I am having a guest blogger! My dear friend Sharon is somewhat of a foodie like me and she's always cooking up something new and posting her creations on social media for me to drool over. So why not share it with all my readers? Sharon....take it away!
Hey guys I’m Sharon! Steph asked me to share some of my favorite recipes that I grew up eating and what better way then to start with a authentic Russian breakfast pancake… Syrniki (pronounced Seer Ni Key). My background is Russian and wanted to bring a little Russian flare to Steph’s blog. Both my parents were born in the former Soviet Union and these authentic pancakes are a staple for any Russian household! They are easy to make, not many ingredients, and the best of all… DELICIOUS!!! So I hope to share many more home cooked recipes from my own kitchen to yours… 
naslazhdat’sya (enjoy!!!!) :)
| What You'll Need |

1 small container of Fat Free small curd Cottege cheese  
(I used Wegmans brand).. this can be substituted with farmers cheese as well
1.5  cups of flour 
(can be adjusted based on consistency of batter. You don’t want them too gooey or too soupy)
4 eggs
2 tsp. of vanilla extract
1/2 cup of sugar (again can be adjusted per preference and can be substituted using sugar substitutes)
1 container of sour cream

| Directions |

Mix together cottage cheese, flour, eggs, sugar, and eggs until flour is no longer visible. Add vanilla extract and mix in. In a medium sized pan/skillet place 1/2 table spoon of oil and heat pan on medium. Scoop batter onto pan (about 2 tablespoon worths) and let each side cook for about 1-2 minutes until each side is light brown. Flip and repeat.

Serving suggestions:
Serve with sour cream
Makes about 10 pancakes :)
naslazhdat’sya (enjoy!!!!) :)

Has anyone ever tried these delicious Russian pancakes before?

xo Steph

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Gowns, Gowns, Gowns.

My best & worst of the Golden Globes 2014. Did anyone catch the Golden Globes on Sunday? I love watching award shows for so many reasons. The fashion, the celebs, the awards to my favorite films and shows, the jokes and silly banter....I love it all. And especially the gorgeous couture. Let's take a look of my favorite and not so favorite looks of the night, shall we?

My favorite looks of the night:
1. So pretty in jewel tones. Let's start with our hostesses with the mostesses. Not only are these ladies funny and smart.....but they are hot mommas too! They are so cute together and this look of theirs was one of my favorites!
2. American Hustle. Amy Adams has proven she can make it on the big screen and also on the red carpet. In my opinion its actually pretty hard to pull off red while ON the red carpet and she does this flawlessly. Loving the daring deep cut in that dress too!
3. Brights & capes. Everything about this dress is a yes for me. So stunning and flawless.
4. Reeses Pieces. Reese will always be on my favorites list. Whether she's at an award show or dressed down going to the grocery store, she always looks so put together and classic. And I thought this color looked beautiful on her. That, and her adorable blunt bob.
5. Amy gets her golden globe. And this simple black dress fits her like a glove and looks amazing.
6. You can never go wrong with black. Well I guess you can, but when you''re Angela Bassett, how could you? She looks amazing in everything. Have you seen her on American Horror Story? She is one bad-ass witch that I both want to be, and am absolutely terrified of. 
7. My favorite baby bump of the night. Emerald, sequins, long sleeves. Perfection.
8. Black & lace. Love. 
9. I think this dress looked much better on TV than it does in this photograph, but I thought this dress was edgy, fun and classy all at the same time. I would have definitely worn this if I was a celeb!
10. Love everything about this dress. The green heels are kind of random for me but what can you do?

And for the worst:
1. I love everything about Jennifer Lawrence, but this dress is just a no. Just no. This would absolutely not be flattering on anyone. Would it??
2. This screams bad 90's bridesmaid dress. I think I wore a similar dress as a flower girl before....
3. I think this had potential but when terribly wrong. Turn this dress into a form fitting sheath dress and you can count me in! I could then picture this on January Jones ala Betty Draper.
4. NOOO Drew NOOOO! This dress is busy and ugly and looks like a curtain. Not the right way to dress your cute little baby bump.
5. Nope. Not sure what it is about this dress, but I just can't stand it. Is it prom-ish? Is it the fact that it reminds me of something out of the 1990 JCPenny catalogue? I'm not sure. I just greatly dislike it.
6. Nope. Gorgeous woman, terrible dress.
7. Another example how to not dress your baby bump. Kerry is usually a win for me, but this is so NOT.
8. Palm trees. Really?
9. Sandra is usually another win for me but this dress is hideous. I like the bodice but the bottom half of the dress has got to go!
10. NOOO Tina! There are so many things wrong with this dress, I just can't.
11. WTF? There are no words. So very bad.

So what were your best and worst looks from the Golden Globes?
What would you rock if you attended an award show?

xo Steph

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