I love heart sweaters.

These heart sweaters never get old to me. They're so playful and fun they instantly put me in a good mood as soon as I put it on ; )
 Outfit Details:
Heart sweater: Old Navy // Puffy vest: Gap // Jeans: Target // Leopard flats: Payless
Watch: Fossil // Spike bracelet: Asos // Purse: Michael Kors
 I love the heart sweater look -- what trend are you loving right now??



Bubble necklace & busy blogging.

I know I said I was going to move away from the bathroom shot pics, but sometimes you just need a good bathroom mirror pic. Ok in all reality, I'm a busy, busy girl who doesn't always have time to make her lovely boyfriend photograph her and she just has to do it herself quickly at work.
Such is the life of a busy blogging girl ; )
 Outfit Details:
Jean jacket: Old Navy // Gray sweater: Victoria's Secret // Black pants: Madewell
Bubble necklace: J. Crew (and gift from D) // Wedge heels: Tory Burch // Watch: Michael Kors
How do you all manage blogging with your busy and hectic life? 
Because I'd sure like to know! haha

Hope you all have a lovely day : )



Plaid & Fur

I've realized that plaid and fur are my winter staples. I gravitate towards them and I'm always trying to add a little bit of each in all of my looks recently. So why not combine the two for a fun and casual look? Seems like the logical choice to me! ; )
 Outfit Details:
Plaid shirt: American Eagle (so old) // Fur snood: Asos (online now) // Jeans: Target
Boots: Bakers // Watch: Fossil // Spike bracelet: Asos
Just a fun little outfit for running errands on the weekend.
What are you winter staples?



Red, black and leopard love.

Oh these red pants. I was so excited when I bought them months ago and had such high hopes for them. With endless ideas on pinterest, I was convinced red pants were my new thing. Then I bought them and instantly became terrified of them. Am I really wearing fire engine red pants out? In public??
Thankfully this blog has forced me out of my fashion comfort zone -- so when I would normally change out of them and swap them for some safe and boring jeans, I stuck it out and wore my jean pants out! Yay me!
Outfit Details:
Leather jacket: gift from D // Gray tee: Target // Red pants: Target // Leopard Scarf: Target
Wedge heels: Tory Burch // Bag: Louis Vuitton
Watch: Fossil // Spike bracelet: Asos
 Also thought it would be fun to share the little pup in this photo shoot. My little hotdog Tiki.
 She hates the camera : (
And here she's trying to squirm away!
So what are your thoughts on red pants?

And have you ever bought something that took you forever to wear because you were afraid of taking that fashion risk?



Thanksgiving Weekend Outfits.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I was lucky enough to spend it with all the people I love -- so I have many things to be thankful for, maybe minus the extra pounds I packed on from overindulging this weekend haha! Anyway, amidst spending what felt like the whole weekend in the car driving from family to family's houses -- we were able to take a few snapshots from the weekend.
I'm kinda of secretly obsessed with this photo of D and I because of all of the fall-ness! The pumpkin and changing leaves add to the "festivness" of this photo -- and I love how D knows how to dress "festive" for holidays. He knows how much I love holidays, so God love him for doing these little things just to make me happy : )
 Outfit Details for me:
Sweater: Target -- Jeans: Target -- Boots: Bakers

Outfit Details for D:
Sweater and Flannel Shirt: H&M -- Jeans: Diesel
After making our rounds seeing all the families we also had a wedding on Saturday night --
no rest for the weary! ; )
I wasn't lying when I mentioned in a previous post how much I'm loving the faux fur look!
Since we were at a chilly November wedding this weekend (and I'm on my shopping ban which means NO buying new dresses) I threw the fur on over a plain LBD to liven up this wedding look.

Outfit Details:
Faux Fur: J.Crew Factory (online now) -- Black Dress: H&M
Bracelet: Express -- Clutch: Tory Burch

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend -- and happy cyber Monday!
Enjoy some shopping for me : )


also check me out over at Still Being Molly for YOLO Mondays , 


Shopping with Pretty Little Things {Black Friday Edition}

I know what you're thinking. A few days ago I just said I was on a shopping ban, and then today I'm all like "come shopping with me" -- this girl is such a liar! Well let me clear something up -- I held to my word and did not buy anything for myself, I did however and start my Christmas shopping for my family.
With that being said, I did "browse" around for me -- and if anything, it gave me wonderful inspiration to remix my closet during my shopping ban.
Here I hit up J.Crew (my ultimate weakness) and snapped some pics of my current favorite inspirations.
Enjoy : )
 I'm normally not a fan of green - but kinda loving this outfit!
 I hope my future children will be as stylish as these mannequins. haha
Or have a cute J.Crew inspired family : )
 Classy cream and black lined jacket.
 This would be a great conservative look for my work.
 Loving the floral top/leopard belt combo.
 sorry for the glare in these shots. These were the outfits in the window display.
This last look is from Gap. Something about the chambray shirt dress and scarf that I'm totally in love with! 

Hope you enjoyed "shopping" with me today and feel a little more inspired to remix your closet!



Happy Thanksgiving : )

 Happy Thanksgiving from Pretty Little Things. Everyone enjoy your turkey and stuffing, watching football on tv and (hopefully) your day off -- but most importantly be thankful for the family and friends in your life  -- and be blessed and focused on what you have instead of what you don't have.
And maybe while you're at it today -- watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Quite the underdog of all the Charlie Brown's -- but one of my personal favorites! xo



Let us give thanks....and celebrate one holiday at a time.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas. It is by far my favorite time of the year. But one thing I dislike is how we rush into Christmas and bypass some other important holidays -- like Thanksgiving. It seems like soon as Halloween is over, out come the Christmas trees in department stores. Like whoaaa -- slow down! That's why one of the many reasons I love Nordstroms is that they celebrate one holiday at a time -- and put up this sign outside their stores.
I'm a firm believer in not "decking my halls" until after Thanksgiving is over.
Not to mention -- I kind of think Thanksgiving decor is the underdog of decorations and always gets the short end of the stick. So with that being said, here are some of my favorite ways to "deck the halls" for Thanksgiving : )
Photo I took outside of Nordstrom. 
I like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time too. 
Well said.
 Thanksgiving mantels are so underrated and I have to say -- I love them. 
Especially this rustic burlap banner.
And really loving this "thankful for friends and family" table cloth.
decorating with white pumpkins and bittersweets (those orangey-red berries) make the decor os so chic!
Love the idea of setting up the kids table (you know everyone has a kids table!) with butcher paper, and drawing in their place settings. Give the kiddies a handful of crayons and they are good to go -- and leave the adults to have their own fun! : )

As the hostess of the Thanksgiving -- I would love to run around in this hat.
I mean come on, how festive and fun is this??
Outdoor decor.
Kind of in love with this pumpkin scarecrow!!
And this pretty Thanksgiving inspired wreath on the door would complete my holiday look.

All in all I really love Thanksgiving decor and think it should get the respect it deserves!
Anyone else think we should celebrate one holiday at a time? Or are you more of a "let's get to Christmas as soon as possible" kind of person?



Polka dots -- and a shopping ban : (

Yup, you read the title correct. I am on a strict shopping ban until Christmas. Why? Well # 1 money has been tight lately, and I'm realizing there are many other things I should be using my money for other than shopping (I know crazy right?) and # 2, I should be saving my money to by gifts for the ones I love for the holidays. Which is why the shopping ban has been put into place. 
No shopping for myself until Christmas is over.
I can do this. I know I can. I'll have to work on impulse control (and steer clear of all Targets!) but I'll be able to do it and be a better person for it.
So with that being said, you might see me "recycle" many outfits on this blog until the new year -- but that's all part of the fun. Let's see how creative I can get with the clothes I have until my shopping ban is over. Wish me luck!!
Outfit Details:
Leather jacket: Gift from D -- Polka dot sweater: Old Navy -- Fux Fur scarf: J.Crew factory
Black mini skirt: Target -- Leggings: Gap -- Boots: Bakers
Anyone else not shopping for themselves until after the holidays?

Shopping ban starts -----NOW!


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