my weekend in photos : )

How awesome is it that I'm doing my weekend recap on a Thursday? I guess that's what happens when  you have a three day weekend -- you just kind of never really start your week! Well that works for me, especially when the next weekend is literally almost here...yay : )
So here's a few pics I took over Memorial Day weekend - enjoy!
 Me and D when out to dinner with my parents.
dinner was at this awesome place called Zinburger which is a wine and burger bar.
And they have awesome parmesan and truffle french fries - YUM!
 And yummy sangria too.
 After dinner we went next doors to a frozen yogurt place called Cups that was pumping club music and had line that literally went around the block. Clearly it was either really popular or really really good so we braved the line and checked it out.
 Now I know what the hype was all about. The TOPPINGS! oh the toppings... 
But when I have too many choices between chocolates and candy toppings, fresh fruit, and even fun kid cereals like captain crunch and fruity pebbles...I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do....
 And ended up with a cup that looked like this. Frozen yogurt topped with fresh mangoes, fruity pebbles and reese's pieces. Ok, I cracked under pressure.....frozen yogurt FAIL!
D made fun of me mercilessly. But it was all in good fun....and we all definitely had a good laugh.
Me and my disgusting creation - which I did end up eating most of!
D played some guitar.
And we spotted the world's fattest cat. Seriously, how does that thing move??
 The next day we took some pictures of local graffiti. Pretty cool - very urban chic!
 Also randomly bought a juicer and got super excited for all our juicing possibilities...
 So we bought tons of fruits and veggies and got them all prepped and cut....
Only to learn we bought a bum juicer that wouldn't even turn on. Juicing FAIL!
Overall a fun weekend.....just can't believe the next weekend kind of starts tomorrow...
but no complaints here! That's the way every week should be in my opinion! : )

-Pretty Little Things


Summer Bucket List

With Memorial Day kicking off the unofficial start to summer, I wanted to share with you all my summer bucket list! Just making this list was fun because it's a reminder of all the fun things I have in store for me.....can't wait for summer! : )

Pretty Little Things Summer Bucket List 

1. see Aerosmith in concert
2. see Coldplay in concert
3. make pottery (like in the movie ghost)
4. go to a drive-in movie
5. bike in central park
6. picnic in central park
7. go to a Mets game
8. go to the Bronx zoo
9. Movies Under the Stars in hoboken {w/ sushi and wine}
10. work on a nice tan
11. make it to the beach at least a few times
12. make fresh homemade sangria 
13. see fireworks
14. start juicing with our new Jack Lalanne power juicer
{we tried this weekend but failed -- will attempt again!}
15. do more projects from Pinterest
16. shamelessly read girly books and not care who judges me
17. stargazing/find a shooting star
18. lay out by the pool
19. host a BBQ
20. catch lightning bugs {or fireflies}
21. go berry picking
22. visit the Statue of Liberty
23. see Rock of Ages on Broadway
24. visit the Met or Museum of Natural History
25. visit Bushkill Falls in PA
26. take a dance class
27. comedy club
28. blues/jazz club
29. watch the sunset
30.  New Jersey state fair
31. kiss at the top of a ferris wheel
32. eat fresh lobster and crabs down the shore
33. have breakfast in bed
34. eat breakfast, lunch or dinner al fresco as often as possible
35. stray from our usual places and eat at new restaurants
36. go antiquing
37. visit a farmer's market for fresh fruits and veggies
38. learn to make a new recipe at least once a week
39. celebrate my 29th birthday (oh my!)
40. get a henna tattoo on the boardwalk
41. wear bright colored shorts
42. stay in my pajamas all day
43. rock bright and fun colored nails
44. go on a vacation (preferably somewhere tropical)
45. work on my photography
46. get summery highlights in my hair
47. eat veggies from my parents garden
48. grow my own mini herb garden in my apartment
49. go on a spontaneous weekend road trip 
50. live in the moment, and laugh often.

I also wanted to share some cool ways to display for summer bucket list. 
I'm thinking of making one of these for myself to have a constant visual of fun things ahead!
This one here is on a white board:
 And this one uses a chalkboard {which we all know I have a thing for chalkboards}

Hope you all enjoyed my summer bucket list and became inspired to make your own!
What's on your summer bucket list?

-Pretty Little Things


MDW: Memorial Day Weekend!

It's no secret that I love holidays, especially one's that include three day weekends and mark the unofficial kick-off to summer, complete with pool openings. No really though, Memorial Day is a day for us to celebrate and remember those who served our country and keep us safe everyday -- and to those people I say thank you : ) 
With that being said, Memorial Day is also a day to celebrate with friends and family. Here are some of my MDW finds for throwing an awesome get together!
{All images found on Pinterest}
 Even though you're only "supposed" to eat 4 hot dogs a year (or so I've been told) Memorial Day to me screams {Hot Dog Bar}. Even if you don't like hot dogs, how cute is this set up?
More hotdogs, this time wrapped up all patriotically (is that a word?)
I also love the vintage labels here to put on beverages.
Cute print I'd love to have framed somewhere. Perhaps the hot dog bar?
 Oh my gosh, this grilled corn makes my mouth water!
And LOVE the way the corn is displayed here on sticks, like little corn kabobs! : )
And is that Frito's holding them up? Genius.

Sweet treats! Adore the chocolate dipped pretzels.

Possible outfits? Obviously I love any excuse to get festive and dress for a party theme : ) 
Red pants anyone?

And I wanted to leave you all with some funnies, courtesy of someecards.com
 {they seriously make the funniest cards ever}

So does anyone have anything fun planned for their Memorial Day weekend? 
Hope everyone has a great time : )

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: Down by the {Hudson} River

Now that the weather is getting nicer all I want to do is be outside and soak up that sun after a long, cold winter. Today's look is simple and casual.
Cardigan - LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (this season)
Black cotton tank top - Charlotte Russe (super old)
Jean Shorts - Forever 21 (last season)
Flip Flops - Old Navy found here.
Michael Kors watch similar here.
Monogrammed Necklace from Tiffany and Co. (maid of honor gift from my bff)

Gotta show off my lovely photographer too : )
And for those of you who haven't been to the NYC area recently - that tall building in this pic in the new Freedom Tower, where the Twin Towers used to stand.

Hope you all have a lovely day everyone! : )

-Pretty Little Things


things that are inspiring me today : )

Hello pretties! Well it finally feels like spring is here (we actually more like summer now that I think about it) I wanted to share some inspiration photos that have me, well, inspired lately to work on some projects. Check them out!
Pretty spring wreath with pink tulips. I would love this on my front door! So earthy and fresh.

My spring staple - Maxi dresses and denim jackets. Now only if the weather could warm up a little more I can finally wear them. I have a few new ones for this year, so I'm really excited to break them out. Both incorporate the color blocking trend.
Love the ombre hair with soft waves Rachel Bilson is rocking here. Apparently the ombre look is something you can achieve at the salon, and isn't something you get naturally from the sun {how did I not know this??} Might be interested in this lightened up look for spring and summer. Thoughts?
Pretty pink ombre peonies {my fav} in old mason jars. Just LOVE this. How perfect would this be as a table setting for an al fresco dinner party under the stars --sigh.
 Exposed brick and picture frame with hanging photos. I love the look of this, and I just recently found an old picture frame like this in my parents basement when they were doing some spring cleaning, so I'm hoping to attempt to recreate this look. Would love this in my place somewhere.
And this lovely photo just screams - I need a vacation! This looks like it could be Paris, but in my head it could be anywhere. I love old cobblestone streets, little shops, boutiques, and bakeries, and most importantly, that Vespa that is sitting right there! I have always dreamed of having a Vespa to scoot around my city with -- and one day I hope my dream will come true!
And just in case you were wondering, this is what I envision my colorful and cute little Vespa to look like : )

While I day dream about buzzing around on my vespa, picking up fresh flowers and bread from the local shoppes, I hope everyone has a lovely day!

-Pretty Little Things

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