Look of the Day: Color Swapping

I saw this outfit on J's Everyday Fashion (one of my favorite fashion bloggers) and I thought this outfit was so adorable -- except for the fact that I really don't own much red. Then I realized I could create my own version in blue -- which I think turned out to be a pretty cute outfit for hot summer days. 
And that's what I love about fashion so much -- all it takes is a little inspiration, and your imagination can take you in a completely different direction!

Photo Inspiration - J's Everyday Fashion
My Outfit Details
Ruffled Tank - Loft (last summer)
White Linen Shorts - Old Navy (in stores now)
Necklace - J. Crew (available online)
Purse - Coach (a few years old)
Platform Sandals - Marc Fischer

Does your inspiration photos ever lead you in completely different directions?

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: You took your pants off!

Yes, I know -- it's the pink pants again. I figure you might be saying to yourself, "why is she wearing these again??" -- but in all reality, I do wear my clothes often and I'm happy when I can get good use out of things (it justifies the purchase in my opinion!)
D got me this really cute and incredibly soft top from Forever 21 that incorporated a few colors that I've been drawn to lately -- pinks, peaches and mint. I haven't yet figure out how to wear it but came up with two ways. One is with my peachy pink colored jeans {can't believe how versatile these have become!} and with white jeans.

Outfit Details
Top - Forever 21
Peach/Pink jeans - Target (in stores now)
Nude T-Strap heels - Nine West (from TJ Maxx)

White jeans - from TJ Maxx
Nude heels - Nine West
Necklace - Franchesca's Collection

Which pants do you think look best?

-Pretty Little Things


my life {lately} in photos....

Hi everyone! Here's what I've been up to lately...
OPI in Nicki Minaj's collection "Fly" and China Glaze in "Dear Audry"
and toesies.
Flowers for no reason are the best reason. <3
 Thinking about going short again. Thoughts? 
Or keep it long?
Stack of magazine and books I've been dying to catch up on.
I can't believe I'm two months behind!
 Healthy eating.
Kinda healthy eating....right? 
I heart sushi date nights.
Laying out in the green grass.
Taking advantage of this nice weather and getting outside. 
Always on the look out for fun + new furniture for my place. 
Pier 1 is my weakness.
Reminiscing about last years vacation in Miami-- and planning our next one, like now!
Preferably somewhere we can tan our pale winter skin : )
oh. my. gosh. that face -- and those cheeks! 
D's niece and god daughter Ava is the cutest thing I have ever seen. LOVE!

 Hope everyone has a pretty little day : )

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad always looks fab -- and this classic outfit is no exception. Pairing a crisp white tee with a black skirt, brown leather accessories, shades and you've got yourself an outfit! I even threw on a jacket to add a little sumthin' sumthin'!

Inspiration Photo - Lauren Conrad
Outfit Details
White tee - Old Navy
Black Shirt - Target (last year)
Brown leather bag - Michael Kors
Wedge Sandals - Marc Fischer
Faux Leather Jacket - Express (still available online)
Sunglasses - Ann Taylor Loft (so crazy old!)

Would you wear this look?

-Pretty Little Things


Peaches, Pearls and Leather

Another outfit for my peachy/pink jeans -- score! This time I wanted a sleeker look for going out at night so I paired it up with all black. Add a little sparkly detail and you are ready to hit the town : )
I wore this out saturday night for some dinner and dancing (minus the leather because it was warm) and had an amazing time!

Outfit Details
Black Leather Jacket -Christmas present from D (two years ago)
Plain Black Tee - Old Navy
Peach/Pink Jeans - Target (in stores now)
Black Heels - Michael Kors (last year)
Clutch - Tory Burch
Pink Pearl Bracelets - Charlotte Russe (old)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day : )

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: Casual Dinner Date

D and I went out to one of our favorite Italian restaurants for dinner then took a stroll by the Hudson river to take in some people watching and gazing at the best view of the New York skyline ever. Oh how I love Hoboken!
Outfit Details
Cream Knit Top - Old Navy (in stores now)
White tank - Old Navy
Jeans - Express
Wedge sandals - Target (in stores now)
Bag - Michael Kors
Tortoise watch - Michael Kors
Leather bracelet - Tory Burch
Cross Necklace - gift from D
Savoring that last bite!
Me and my lovely photographer!
cheesin' it up near the waterfront ; )
And just wanted to leave you all today with this inspiring quote I found on pinterest (of course!)
Everyone make sure you take time everyday to focus on the important things!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and wonderful weekend!

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: Think Pink

I'm so glad I've been able to wear my peachy/pink jeans with more things in my closet than I thought. This time I paired it with a darker pink shirt and added a necklace for some detail. 
This is the look I ended up with.

Outfit Details
Faux Leather Jacket - Express (still available online)
Pink tee - Old Navy
Peach/Pink jeans - Target (still in stores)
Necklace - Express (A few years old)
Nude T-Strap Heels - Nine West (from TJ Maxx, in stores now)
Bag - Michael Kors

I have to say I'm getting more comfortable playing with colors ; )

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: Stripes and Leopard

Cute and casual was what I was going for here with this outfit. I love this picture of Lauren Conrad because her sweater with stripes is just classic and she paired it with skinny jeans, a brown leather bag and cute leopard flats to add a little interest. I took the same outfit and made it a little springy-er (I know that's not a word) with the short sleeve striped sweater and swapped in leopard print sandals instead of flats.

Inspiration Photo - Lauren Conrad
Outfit Details 
Sweater - Ann Taylor Loft (this spring)
Jeans - Express (old)
Bag - Michael Kors
Leopard Sandals - Target found here
Watch - Michael Kors (Christmas gift from D)
Leather Bracelet - Tory Burch (Christmas gift from parents)

I think this outfit is perfect for running errands or meeting friends for coffee.
Would you wear this look?

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: Peaches and Teal

I saw this color palette on Heidi Klum and I instantly fell in love. Theres just something about the mix of pale peach and the pop of teal/turquoise that goes so well together. Pair that with white jeans and a leather jacket and you have a perfect summery outfit for a night out.

Photo Inspiration - Heidi Klum in Calvin Klein
Outfit Details
Faux Leather Jacket - Express (still available online)
Peach Tee - Old Navy
White Jeans - from TJ Maxx
Nude Heels - Nine West
Necklace - Francesca's Collections

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: The Striped Dress

I saw this inspiration photo and I liked it. Then I found a dress that had the same concept (check!) and wanted to style it casually and then a little dressier for a date. This is what I came up with.

Inspiration Photo - Found on Pinterest
Outfit Details {Casual}
Dress - Express (this spring)
Denim Jacket - Old Navy (last year)
Cross Body Bag - Michael Kors
Wedge Sandals - Marc Fischer

Outfit Details {Dressier}
Dress - Express (this spring)
Faux Leather Jacket - Express (still available online)
Nude Heels - Nine West
Clutch - Tory Burch

How do you take a dress and dress it up/down?

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: Bubble Necklace

The premise of this outfit is very basic and uses a few wardrobe staples and a statement necklace. When I saw this photo of Kim Kardashian I immediately thought to myself -- I think I have all the basic pieces to pull together this chic look. And there you have the finished product! All it took was my favorite J.Crew bubble necklace, plain gray tee, classic black blazer and voila!

Inspiration Photo - Kim Kardashian
Outfit Details
Black Blazer - Target (Old)
Basic Gray Tee - Old Navy
Necklace - J.Crew (Valentine's gift from D : )
Jeans - Express (old)
Wedge Sandals - Marc Fischer (a few years old)
Clutch - Tory Burch
Watch - Michael Kors

Would you wear this outfit?
Happy Friday!

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: Shades of Blue

Combining different shades of blue and wearing denim on denim was the look I was going for here. The inspiration photo here (left) is wearing a navy blazer, but since I don't own one I swapped in a navy cardigan over my new chambray shirt.

Inspiration Photo: Found on Pinterest
My Outfit Details
Navy Cardigan - Target (last year)
Chambray Shirt - Old Navy (in stores now)
Jeans - Express (a few years old)
Nude Heels - Aldo
Sunglasses - Ann Taylor Loft (crazy old and just can't seem to part with!)
Necklace - Charlotte Russe
Cream Purse - Coach
Tortoise Watch - Michael Kors

So what are your thoughts on this look? Would you wear denim on denim and multiple shades of blue?

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: Pinky Peach Colored Jeans

As I mentioned in a previous post about colored jeans, I finally took the plunge and bought a pair. Now mind you I wanted to go for subtle and classic (because I was scared!) I went with this inspiration photo of Cameron Diaz rocking some peachy-pink pants.

Inspiration Photo: Cameron Diaz (found on Pinterest)
My Outfit Details
Faux Leather Jacket - Express (can be found in stores and online now)
White tee - Old Navy
Pink Jeans - Target (this season, and might still be in stores)
Nude T-Strap Heels - Nine West (from TJ Maxx, in stores now)
Black Purse - Coach (old)

I think this outfit is soft, understated and subtle for those who have never ventured into the "colored jeans" world. Would you wear this outfit?

-Pretty Little Things


Look of the Day: Derby Style

As promised, here are some pictures from my day at Belmont! We had a great time and I'm already mentally planning in my head what I'm going to wear next year! Hope you enjoy : )
Outfit Details
Hat - $5.99 from the grocery store (seriously!)
Floral Dress - boutique in Hoboken, NJ
Pearl Necklace and Bracelet - college graduation gift from the parents
Horse shoe earrings - ooooold gift from my Aunt
Wedge sandals - Seychelles 
Purse - Michael Kors
Watch - Michael Kors
Hats are a MUST here!
Horse shoe earrings for good luck!!
Pearls to look like a lady ; )
 And of course we took pics of the horses and the actual races...
I know one of the biggest let downs this year was the possible triple crown winner "We Want Another" was injured -- Triple Crown Winners are rare {meaning they won all three races - Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont} so there were a lot of unhappy race goers...
A man showing some support on his hat!
Hopes he doesn't mind me secretly snapping a pic of him for the blog haha.

And of course me and my oh so handsome man : )
 And I have to include out takes because they are just too funny!
 Ahhh finally got the self pictures done right! : )

Hope you all have a lovely day : )

-Pretty Little Things


My First Pinterest Project

My First Pinterest Project -- okay, I know it's super small and easy but hey, you gotta start somewhere right? So this one is taking my lovely nail polish collection and putting it to good use by helping me identify my keys -- and making them super girly and cute {which I love}
Here's my current nail polish collection that I like to display in an oversized wine goblet that was snagged up at a flea market:
and here was my inspiration photo from Pinterest:
in the process of painting my keys...
gotta use sparkles and can't forget that top coat!
the end product: glammed up keys!
 From left to right: 
Nicki Minaj for OPI in "FLY"
 Essie in Bermuda Shorts
Nicki Minaj for OPI in "Did it on 'Em"
And of course I have to add a sparkly topcoat to complete the look : )

So I'm very happy to have complete my first (though very small) Pinterest project and keep posted for the next one -- coming very soon!
Would you paint your keys with nail polish to glam them up?

-Pretty Little Things

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