Easter Pretties.

I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't had a chance to decorate for Easter, and considering it's this Sunday -- I think the odds of that happening are slim to none. Such a shame because I love any chance to be festive and decorate for the holidays. Oh well, when I go visit my parents this weekend I'm sure my mom will have the house decorated -- and most likely I'll still have an Easter basket even though I'm almost 30.
 Don't judge. I still believe in the Easter bunny ; )
Easter pretties

If I did get a chance to decorate for Easter -- this decor would be found in my place:


pretty little snapshots.

Here's some random photos of my life lately....enjoy : )
dinner @ Johnny Pepperoni's in Hoboken. # theirmeatballsarealmostasgoodasmine
also rocking out a new short bob - see more below.
another shot for the foodies.
Just kidding -- I'm too chicken to actually cut my hair this short, but I discovered wearing wigs is my new thing in the world of accessories. I mean seriously, how fun is it to have an alter ego for a day? Ladies -- meet Natasha : )
D loves the short look and the bangs but it's just TOO much of a commitment for me.
So we found a fun compromise. Stay tuned for more wig adventures coming soon.....
May I debut out chalkboard wall in out office.
Before the housewarming party......
 and after.....there's nothing that says "great party" like writing on your wall!
and of course a little Sunday Funday @ D's cousin's place. 
Needless to say we left with full bellies that day....
 a pet apparel and clothing store named after our little dachshund. I heart this and our little hot dog too : )
really excited we bought a new blender {it's amazing the little things that make me happy} and started making smoothies every morning. This green machine one is my favorite. 
Smoothies are my new favorite thing. Especially served in a beer pint glass  ; )
 mussels are also my new favorite thing. D had me try them a few weeks ago and now I am obsessed. I was always intimidated by the look and texture of them -- but serve it in a white wine butter sauce and hello! delish.
and pretty "just because flowers" to brighten up my day.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! : )

xo Steph

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robins egg blue & pretty pastels

I can't believe Easter is already this weekend -- where is the time going? I think the whole Easter/St. Patty's Day in the same month threw me for a loop -- sometimes I can only handle one holiday at a time! Anyway, dying eggs are some of my favorite Easter festivities to partake in (and one D and I actually did together when we first started dating, and totally all his idea, so egg dying is close to my heart). The pretty speckled ones are some of my favorite (see the robin's egg blue speckled one below) so this whole spring outfit comes from the inspiration from those pretty pastel eggs.
robins egg blue.

How to recreate a similar look here:

J.Crew sweater (here) // H&M skinny leg jeans (nice option) // Zara lining shoes (pretty option)  Tory Burch floral tote (here) // Marc by Marc Jacobs watch (here) // 
J.Crew statement necklace (here) // Deborah Lippmann nail polish (here) // GreenGate Easter Egg Large Set Of 4 

Aside from dying eggs, another Easter tradition my family partakes in is making home peirogies (that's the Polish side of my family). They are kind of difficult to make, but sooo soooo good that we freeze them and have them all year long.

Anyone else have special Easter traditions they partake in?

xo Steph


caramel colors.

It seems like colors, especially extra bright neons are all the rage right now. While I do love a little neon from now and then (I was an 80's child after all) I typically tend to gravitate to neutrals and caramel tones. There's something very understated and chic about this color palette, and it's also seasonless, meaning it's appropriate all year long. 
Gotta love it!
Outfit Details
Faux leather jacket: Express (same) // Tunic top: H&M (similar) // Scarf: Target (pretty option) 
Jeans: Express (same) // Booties: Rampage (same) // Bag: Louis Vuitton 
So are you more of a color fanatic or neutral lover?

Happy Monday everyone! Let's do this!

xo Steph

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February Date Night {in March} ooops.

As I mentioned originally in {this post} I made D a date night basket for Christmas with a pre-planned date by me for each month of the year. I figured it would be a cute and creative way to show D how much I love him, plus give him a night off since he is always planning and doing all the romantic things (seriously ladies, I hit the jackpot when I found him!). I wanted to share our February date night, even though it's March (ooops) because better late than never.
 I blame it on February being a short month : )
For our February date, I decided to have a Valentine's themed sleepover -- meaning we would bring all the blankets and pillows in our living room and camp out my candlelight near our fireplace. The rules were no TV, cell phone or electronics --just "us" time to reconnect, spend the night talking and laughing. I ordered us sushi from our favorite restaurant, some sparkling water, and a dessert plate of fruits and chocolate. The best part was we could eat everything with our hands! Overall, I think I did a great job on this date (if I do say so myself!) and even D said it's the best date he'd ever been on. (go me!)
gotta use my heart shaped plates for our romantic "fireside" dinner.
because boys should get flowers too.
I picked these up for D because he has quite the green thumb and loves flowers more than me!
sushi, edamame and salads with carrot ginger dressing -- YUM
 fruit and chocolates were a sweet way to end the night : )
  March's date night has yet to happen (which I hope to actually post in March!) but we need to schedule it in our calendars asap. Be on the look out for March's date post coming soon...

Past date night ideas can be found here:
{January Date Night}

 So would you make a date night basket for your hunny, and if so - what would be some of your ideas for fun and creative dates -- I'd love to hear them!

xo Steph


the work uniform.

This is a typical look I would wear to work. The equation is very simple: cute top, cardigan, black pants, skinny belt (to give some shape) and some flats. I feel like its casual, comfortable yet still polished for the work environment. This purple floral top is one of my favorite purchases from Ann Taylor Loft a few years ago and I just realized I haven't worn it in forever -- so out it came! I've also styled this top differently {here} and {here}
Sometimes shopping your closet can be just as fun as shopping : )
 Outfit Details
Mustard cardigan: Target (similar) // Floral top: Loft (pretty option) // Pants: Madewell (similar) 
Belt: Old Navy (similar) // Flats: Target (similar) // Love necklace: Tiffany and Co. (same)
 Gold watch: Fossil (same)
What is your go-to outfit equation for work?

xo Steph

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butterflies & gray skies.

Sometimes spring really toys with my emotions -- I have these expectations of beautiful warm days filled with blooming flowers and butterflies, but in reality a lot of spring days are kind of chilly and overcast. But that doesn't mean we can't still pretend right? In comes this awesome butterfly blouse paired with a gray beanie, leather jacket and grayish/lavender nail color. 
Warm weather -- please come rescue me!!
chilly spring days.

Recreate this look for yourself:

J.Crew butterfly blouse (same) // faux leather jacket (similar) // H&M skinny jeans (similar) //   Rampage booties (same) // knit hat (similar) // Louis Vuitton bag //  Deborah Lippmann (another good option) 

Hope you all have a great day! 

xo Steph

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spring color blocking & brights.

As I've mentioned before, I need more transitional pieces to take me from winter to spring. Here in New Jersey, the temperature is still dipping to the low 30's and girlfriend just can't be running around in my usual spring gear. Instead I'm going with some color blocking pieces that are showcasing bright pops of color and fun patterns, but also incorporate long sleeve blouses and jeans. Also -- super excited with Chanel's Spring 2013 nail polish colors. I mean, does Chanel ever get it wrong? 
spring colors.

Get the goods here:

J. Crew Blouse (same) // / skinny jeans (same) //  J.Crew leopard heels (same)
Tory Burch bag (same) // Michael Kors steel bracelet (same) // Tory Burch iphone case (same) Chanel's Spring 2013 Nail collection (see more about it here)

What are your favorite ways to show off your "springy side" when it's still cold out?
Hope you all have a lovely day! 

xo Steph

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white lace & black bubbles

Hope everyone had a great weekend - D and I had our housewarming party this weekend and it was so much fun to have all our friends over to "formally" entertain for the first time. So many great laughs and it's such an awesome reminder what great friends we do have. With that being said, it's Monday and it's back to business with a little black, white and lace.
Outfit Details
Blazer: Target (similar) // Lace top: Target (similar) // Pants: Madewell (similar) // Flats: Target (similar) 
Watch: Michael Kors (same) // Bubble necklace: ILY Couture (similar)
 Hope you all have a great day! 

xo Steph

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luck of the irish.

As I've mentioned before, St. Patrick's Day is a personal favorite holiday for me, even if I'm only less than a 1/4 Irish! Well let's be honest, any excuse to celebrate a themed holiday is enough for me to get all excited about it -- but hey, that's just me. Here are some of my picks to make your St. Patty's Day a little extra lucky : )
All images and links to recipes can me found {here} on my {pinterest page}
1. my hunter boots are especially festive on St. Patty's Day
2. Guinness with a shamrock in the foam
{fun fact: I learned how to do this when I worked at an Irish pub in college. Takes a bit of practice but is surely a crowd pleaser!}
3. lucky shamrock pasta with pesto
4. love this delicate table setting
5. corned beef and cabbage soup
6. lucky charms chex mix for all day snacking
7. copy cat version of McDonald's Shamrock shake. 
{and I bet it tastes even better served in a mason jar!}
8. Baily's Irish Cream shamrock cookies -- yes please!
9. a hearty dinner of Irish beef stew and mashed potatoes
And of course some fun pics of me and D, enjoying my shamrock shake from McDonald's and of course, gotta represent with my Hoboken Irish tee.

May you find a four leave clover this weekend! ; )

xo Steph

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spring has sprung.

It's one of the first days lately where I didn't really need a jacket -- and. I. love. it. 
D and I went to a get together at his cousins house filled with food and board games and sooo many laughs so it was a great day and night. We stopped before hand to pick up some fresh flowers for them, and I of course had to wear green just in case we decided to go to the Irish Festival later that day.
We never made it that night because this hilarious board game called "Loaded Questions" lasted 5 plus hours! It's hysterical if you get a chance to play -- so definitely check it out : )
 Outfit Details
Cardigan: Target (nice option) // Tshirt: Target (similar) // Jeans: Express (same)
Booties: Rampage (same) // Watch: Michael Kors (same) // Bracelet: Tory Burch (same) 
Bag: Michael Kors (nice option)
 Hope you all have a great day! 

xo Steph


the cashmere sweater.

Can you believe this is actually the first cashmere sweater I've ever owned? Yeah, me neither. I decided this year as I approach 30 {yeah.... it's crazy} a simple cashmere sweater is something that should be added to my closet. I picked up this one from J.Crew that I've been wanting for a while now once it went on final clearance and I couldn't have been happier with the splurge. It's seriously so soft, and the colors and polka dot combo are my favorite part. 
Outfit Details
Polka dot sweater: J.Crew // Jeans: Express (same) // Bag: Michael Kors (similar) // 
Gold Watch: Fossil (similar) // spike bracelt: Asos (similar) // Booties: Rampage (same)
these pictures I'm freezing my butt off!!

 What other pieces do you think every woman should own in their closet?

Happy wednesday! 

xo steph

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