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Out with the old and in with the new! I've currently been spending my time offline doing some spring cleaning in my apartment (and my life) and it feels great to get rid of old stuff that no longer serves its purpose. I've been doing everything from cleaning out the fridge and pantry, to tackling that scary junk drawer (or closet) and tossing old makeup (yes, it does expire) and old clothes that I no longer wear. Not only is spring cleaning incredibly cathartic and freeing, but it's also exciting because I can replace all that old stuff with new, fresh replacements that are more suitable for my life. So now that I've thrown away/given away/donated a ton of stuff….here is what's currently on my wish list for replacements.

Wish list

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1. New Sunglasses. My oversized sunglasses from Loft (seen in most of my outfit posts) have finally gone kaput! So very sad, especially because they were cheap and lasted me over 10 years! D got me some Ray Ban aviators for Christmas which I love, but I still have a yearning to replace my "bug" glasses -- as D would call them since he thinks I resemble a bug when I wear them.

2. Anything with stripes. Because why not? This sweater is adorable, and since I just upgraded to the new iPhone 5 this week, that iPhone case is calling my name!

3. New Scent. Spring means lighter and fresher fragrances. I just smelled a sample of this Peony and Blush Suede in a magazine the other day and was totally sold!

4. Pastel nails. They are just too pretty not to. And totally acceptable for work. 

5. Those sandals. I think they will go with everything. And I want them in black too :)

6. Makeup upgrades. I've been on the hunt for colors that actually flatter me, rather than colors I think will look good on me, only to come home and I look like a clown. MAC's Viva Glam V has been my lipstick color of choice for a while now (the lady at the MAC counter said its a universally flattering shade, and I tend to agree) and I'm caving for the same color in a lip glass too. Also kinda loving the bright coral and orange lip colors now. Currently on the hunt for one that flatters more olive skin tones.

7. A versatile tote bag. Something classic that will last forever and affordable. And let's be honest, the gold monogramming is what sold me on this one!

So what's on your wish list right now?

xo Steph


A Few Snapshots from DC

A few weeks ago I visited Washington DC for the first time ever in my 30 years of living! That's pretty ridiculous considering I only live about 3.5 hours away. How could I have never been there? I know my parents are reading this right now and feeling terrible, considering they've both told me how bad they feel for never taking my brother and I there (don't worry mom and dad, I'm not scarred for life…it's really ok!!) So D and I decided to make a long weekend out of it and take it on like tourists. Plus, my dear friend Sharon just moved down there a little almost a year ago, and it was her birthday so it was double the fun! I took so many more pictures than the ones I have here, but just wanted to share a few snippets….enjoy!
For Sharon's bday we hit up an authentic Russian restaurant to celebrate her Russian heritage.
Food was amazing. Vodka was even better ;)
These were my go-to girls when I used to live in Philly. Miss them all so much!
Martini with strawberry infused vodka. Don't mind if I do!
It was the kick off to the Annual Cherry Blossom festival, but because of the tundra like winter we've had, there wasn't a blossom or bud in sight. And it was much colder that D and I had anticipated, so we were crazy underdressed for the bitter cold winds. Packing fail.
See…..I'm not that short!
Taking time for reflection.
It really does make you respect all the men and women who have lost their lives for our freedom.
"I'm glad we're here together in our nation's capital…."
Name that quote! 10 points to anyone who gets it!!

 xo Steph


Work It!

So one of the reasons I haven't been blogging as much is because I'm trying to focus on me - offline. One of those things being getting back to the gym and getting back into shape for spring and summer. The gym has been a distant memory for me the past few months so I'm currently trying to get  reacquainted again. Hi there gym! I've been going all this week and let me tell you, it is a humbling experience when you are that out of shape. Yikes! It can be very easy to want to throw in the towel (no pun intended) when things feel too tough, but this is the exact time you need to be pushing through the pain and self-doubt and just…..keep going. So how can you get excited for going to the gym when you want to give up? One of them for me is investing in cute new work out clothes! It may seem silly, but its enough for me to muster up that little motivation. Here are some of my favorites below...

work it

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Aside from getting together a few new gym pieces, another thing I've done to get myself excited for the gym again is revamping my gym playlist. I looked at my iTunes and the last time I updated my gym playlist was when Britney Spears shaved her head and sang "Gimme More" (don't get me wrong, great song) -- so I searched around online and downloaded some new songs to get me pumped up!! Songs currently on my playlist include Jason Derulo "Talk Dirty," Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop," and Beyonce "Drunk in Love."

So anyone have any suggestion for gym songs to really get you pumped up?
Any other suggestions to get excited for the gym?

Happy Monday everyone! 
xo Steph


Love Lately: Random Edition

Since getting the new iphone 5 the other day (momma got an upgrade!) I wanted to clean out some of the photo stragglers and share them on here with all the stuff I'm loving lately. Take a look. And oh yeah.....Happy Friday!!
1. My Hunter Flats. Rainy spring days aren't so bad with my rainy day flats. Yes, these do exist and I get oh so many compliments on them! I got them in boring black because I wanted them to match everything, but they come in tons of pretty, bright colors.
2. Key Lime Easter Peep Cupcakes. Just call me (and my mom) Betty Crocker. 
These were delish and just another fun way to play around with those classic Easter treats.
3. Empire State gets a pretty pastel makeover for Easter. This Friday D and I went into the city to see Billy Joel in concert at Madison Square Garden. It was THE perfect quintessential New York night. I love those kind of nights. I'm in a New York State of Mind.....
4. My dad and D wearing matching aviator glasses. Priceless.
5. My little Tiki girl all bundled up like a burrito. She's just too cute not to include ;)
6. Healthy lifestyles are all about portion control. I'm obsessed with these sectioned off Tupperware containers because I can basically make an adult lunchable. Remember lunchables? You can make them yourself and take them to work, and give it a more adult, health conscious version. Here I've included organic deli turkey and provolone cheese, whole wheat triscuts, lightly salted edamame and organic strawberries and blueberries.
7. Saturday morning brunch done right ;)
And yes I use my valentine plates all year round.
8. My bestie's baby shower. She's due in a few weeks and I'm so excited for her and to officially become an aunt :) How cute is she?!

So what are you loving lately?
Happy Friday Friends!

Xo Steph


Up on the Roof Top

Today's #tbt is a reminder of the days when I used to do outfit posts (remember that?!) On my roof no less! Now that the weather has gotten nicer I promise to start doing it again. My excuse is that my roof for the past 4 months has been covered in snow. So we'll just leave it at that! And this outfit…it just reminds me of spring. This light and airy loose crocheted sweater (in a sweet petal pink color) just welcomes the new warm weather. Love!
| Details |
Crochet sweater: Elle from Kohl's (cute option) // Jeans: Express (same) // Bubble necklace: ILY Couture (similar) // Nude heels: Nine West (similar) // Sunglasses: Loft (nice option)
So anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?? 

xo Steph


Spring Things

We're finally getting some warmer weather….spring has officially sprung! So what does that mean? It's time for some Spring swap outs. Yup, spring swaps are that time of year where I trade in all my fall/winteresque things for pretty spring alternatives. For example, it's the time of year I trade in my dark nail polish colors for bright springy pastel colors. Even if th temperatures dip on the occasional day (which it has) I'll still bundle up in, but in spring colors. I've still been wearing sweater but have rocked my mint and other pretty pastel colors.  Other fun spring swaps you can make include: nail polish colors, spring purse, springy accessories, spring sandals, and spring fragrance. Don't forget about the perfume ladies! In the winter I've been rocking heavier scents (Coco Noir to be exact) but now it's time to lighten up. What's on my list, Vince Camuto's Fiori -- it's so light and fresh and smells like peonies…..love!

Spring Things
| Details |

Now this is my kind of spring cleaning! Out with the cold old and into the new and fresh pieces! After this winter I don't think I've ever been so happy to see spring in my life. Especially considering that spring is also known as my miserable allergy season. Boo. 

So have you started swapping out your winter for spring things?
What are some of your favorite spring pieces you can't wait to wear/use?

xo Steph


A Very Special Day :)

Well actually yesterday was a very special day, D's birthday to be exact! Even though I spent the entire day/weekend with you -- and we still have an entire birthday weekend planned for you next weekend, I just wanted to take the time to wish you a very, very, happy birthday on this little space on the internet I call my own. I'm very lucky to have you in my life and there is no one else I'd rather share my days with! I love you and nope, it doesn't suck! (inside joke).
Just how could you not love this face?
Well that, and the color coordinated track suit and sneakers too!

Happy Birthday D!!

xo Steph


Friday, I'm in Love.

Sorry everyone for the radio silence over here! I've been trying something new lately. Living in the now. I love, love, triple love my blog but I've been wanting to take my life off screen and into the real world. I've been using my time getting back into the gym, cooking a nice dinner, traveling on the weekends, snuggling with my favorites, getting thai take out and having movie nights on a random Tuesday, playing in my cornhole league on Wednesdays, and last night I went for a lovely walk all by myself just window shopping and taking in the sights. It's been glorious!
 I saw this on Pinterest this morning and it spoke to me. When the daily grind of the work week feels like it can get us down, we need to remind ourselves that we don't have to wait  until __________ (fill in the blank for yourself) to be happy. I'm just as guilty of waiting for the weekend, the summer, the perfect job, relationship etc. when in reality your happiness can be found on a Thursday night -- if you make the effort to make it special. So get that take out, rent that movie, pop a bottle of bubbly and do whatever your little heart desires. Leave the dishes in the sink. It doesn't have to wait for the weekend. Make the most of the moment you're in now and make it special :)

I hope to get to posting a little more frequently soon, but I have to admit, I'm kinda loving my online disconnect right now! Don't worry, I'm not giving up blogging anytime soon -- I think I might just have a case of spring fever.

So in the mean time smile and make today special.
Because it's Friday, and I'm in love.

xo Steph
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