my best friend's wedding : )

The big day is finally here - my best friend's wedding! All the planning and parties have finally come together and the day was truly beautiful. I wanted to share some of the pictures with you all, hope you enjoy!
The girls before the rehearsal dinner.

Pretty bouquets all ready to go!
Me and the blushing bride : )
 All ready for a wedding!
Leaving the church as a Mr. and Mrs. 
All our colorful shoes and flowers.
 MOH and bridesmaid.
Me and my lovely mom.
The guys were feeling left out with all our fun shoe pics and wanted in on the action! haha
 And of course boys will always be boys. Why do they always act like they're 5 years old?? haha

 At the end of the night : )
Most amazing maid of honor gifts! The bride really knows that her girls like : )

Hope you all enjoyed the pics and had a wonderful weekend : )

-Pretty Little Things


The Shabby Apple

So excited to be affiliated with {The Shabby Apple}, which is an adorable online shop with the cutest, prettiest things.Below are some finds that I'm currently adding to my shopping list : ) Dresses from Shabby Apple
The Headliner Dress found here.
Perfect for work. The Andes skirt found here.
Gold Coral Bangles found here.
Gold Fill Champagne Swarovski Earrings found here. Wish I had these for the wedding this weekend : )
This makes me smile. "When Toast Met Bagel" -- I think this would be a really cute print to frame in the kitchen found here.

What do you all think of my Shabby Apple finds? I think this boutique give off a very Anthropology feel : )

-Pretty Little Things


Maid of Honor Hair

So my best friend's wedding is this weekend, and as I've mentioned before - I'm the maid of honor : ) I can't wait to share in such a special moment in her life, and then live it up in one big party to celebrate their marriage! Anyway, my dress, shoes and jewelry are all ready to go. The only thing I have left to do is chose a hair style - which she left completely up to us. Which is why I need your help! Below are a few pics I've found online....would love to hear your thoughts on which pretty maid of honor hair I should rock! {I should also add that I am not a personal fan of "updo's" I don't think they are flattering on me.}
The first one here is simple loose curls on Mila Kunis. I know most people will think its too simple, but I just love the romantic elegance to this. Plus I've never been able to get nice curls like this on my own, so it might look really nice done professionally.
Half up/half down with curls on Lauren Conrad. I really like this look too because it has those loose beautiful curls. Thoughts?
Side pony on Carrie Underwood. With loose curls of course!
I should also note that this is the dress I'll be wearing this weekend. 
Along with these shoes in hot pink.

So what are everyone's thoughts on the hairstyle I should go with? Your suggestions are much appreciated : ) Photos of the wedding will shortly follow.

-Pretty Little Things


Thinking about ink.....

Sorry for going MIA on everyone -- sometimes life throws your a curve ball and leaves you feeling dizzy. I was just telling a friend yesterday that life is funny. Just when you think you have everything figured out, you realize you know nothing. With that being said you pick yourself up, try to trust in yourself and keep moving forward. So one thing I said I would NEVER do was get a tattoo. I didn't believe in permanently changing the body, and I always felt like there would be nothing I liked or loved enough where I would want to see it on me every day for the rest of my life. I mean come on, my style is constantly changing -- that would be like committing to one outfit for the rest of my life -- CRAZY!

But then life throws you curve balls and you start rethinking everything you thought you knew. And now all of a sudden I'm thinking about getting inked. Nothing crazy, I'm thinking something small, feminine and meaningful. I have a few ideas below and would love to hear what you think!
 One of my first ideas - "this too shall pass" written in small, pretty cursive on my foot. I want the placement to be somewhere demure where you can't really see it unless you want to show it off.
 My second option is "let it be" after one of my favorite Beatles songs. I like the foot placement here, but would like it smaller.
 Another "let it be" -- but this one has a more creative and hidden placement. What are your thoughts on this one?
 I like the cursive on this one. Without the butterflies though....
And this one is just an example of using white ink which I think is pretty cool because it gives that "barely there" look. Plus on my naturally tan skin it could look pretty different.

So what are everyone's thoughts on tattoo? Should I go for it or not? And which idea do you like better? "This too shall pass" or "let it be" -- where should the placement be? -- and should it be in black or white ink??

Would love to hear all of your opinions!! Choosing this is such a hard decision!

-Pretty Little Things


to all my Peeps!

In honor of Easter this weekend, I wanted to post about everyone's holiday favorite - PEEPS! Whether you love them or think they are disgusting, here are some way to use those little sugary marshmallows : )
Peeps lining a vase with flower for a pretty centerpiece.
Peeps dipped in chocolate and sprinkles - yes please!
This one just makes me laugh. Peeps making a break for it! I wonder where they are going?
Peep s'mores. Who wouldn't love these?
And my ultimate favorite - Peep sushi! This idea uses rice krispy treats (for the rice) and fruit roll ups for the seaweed that hold it together. Seriously how fun is this??

What do you all think of peeps? Do you have creative ways to play with your peeps?

-Pretty Little Things


...these are a few of my favorite things.

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days.....but as we all know life can get crazy! Just wanted to take some time to share a few of my current favorite things. Hope you enjoy! : )
1. I don't know what it is about this cake, and I don't know of any occasion I could have this cake for -- for how fun and fabulous is this? I absolutely love the color palate they chose and the accents of gold.

 2. Chanel 2012 Nail Polish colors which are appropriately named April, May and June. April is a creamy berry, which is a perfect transition between winter and spring -- and will help me leave my beloved "Wicked" by Essie. May is a girly, bubblegum pink color that I think perfectly represents spring flowers in full bloom and reminds me of Easter. And June is a pale, creamsicle orange which reminds me of that very tasty treat. It also reminds be of beaches and summer which is right around the corner from June. Overall, I think Chanel nailed this one! (no pun intended). 
3. I saw this image on my Pinterest page and I fell in love. I need to make this my bedroom. I've always loved the look of all white bedding (because it makes me feel like I'm in some serene and peaceful environment or that floating in a big fluffy cloud) but I really ADORE the wooden pallet headboard with the handwritten message awake my soul -- just perfection. And then the clothes line of photographs hung on the wall really completes this look for me. I must recreate this like now!  
4. I do not have any kids and am very, VERY far off from having one but I fell in love with the picture of this nursery. I like the neutral colored walls, the placement of the baby name, the paisley prints, the crib, the bedding -- everything! What a wonderful place to share special moments.
5. I need this print somewhere in my house. When the choice of tea and coffee is my only problem of that day, sign me up! But we all know I would pick tea any day : )

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! What are you loving lately?

-Pretty Little Things

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