I'm in a New York {Rangers} State of Mind....

 It's no secret that I'm into sports and love football and baseball {Go NY Giants and Mets!} but one sport I never really seemed to get into was hockey. It must be because my dad didn't watch it, and I guess you kind of grow up liking the sports and teams your dad did, right? Well anyway I've made the decision to start getting into hockey, and since D is a big New York Rangers fan it seemed like a good place to start! We wanted to get some tickets to a playoffs game this year, but since they are SOOO expensive we're thinking it might not happen. But who knows, we might get nuts and do it anyway! So as a new Rangers fan I wanted to share some fun finds to help celebrate my new team against the NJ Devils tonight : )
Cute shirt I would wear, and I like how it's got a vintagey look to it. 
Found Here.
Sporty and cozy looking sweatshirt. Also got that old school look to it so clearly I enjoy it! 
Found here.
I like this one too because its got built in layers with a thermal underneath. 
Found here.

Adorable scarf and rain boots.
Cute maternity set for all our hockey mamas out there!
 Found here.
And oh yes, CRUMBS bakeries in the NY area are making these delicious festive cupcakes in honor of their local team. This thing seriously looks so good right now!

I'm hoping for a win tonight -- and I can celebrate while eating this delectable sugary treat : )

-Pretty Little Things


  1. love your blog!!


  2. Hockey is the one sport I don't really get into either, but being a NY fan in general, I say go Rangers!

    1. I agree! I was never into it but I support all NY teams. And now that I'm watching the games I found out they are actually really exciting!


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