Hurricane Sandy really threw a lot of people for a loop. Many of us didn't take the warning seriously. From New Jersey, we're not accustomed to this type of weather in our area so most of us just shrugged this off as a hyped up storm. But we all know obviously it wasn't. I live in Hoboken/Jersey City for the past four years -- and for the past four years it has been my home and a place I dearly love. I left that Sunday night because we were being evacuated and went to stay in my parents house in PA. Even though we lost power, heat and running water for 6 days I feel like one of the lucky ones. Despite suffering in dark silence (being cut off from the world with no news or connection to the outside world) it was scary that I had no idea at the state of my apartment, or the rest of the east coast for that matter.

Some of you emailed or left messages asking if I was okay -- and it touches my heart that people in the blog world cared enough about my well being. Most didn't even realize I was affected at all because I posted all week after the hurricane. In reality, those posts were done ahead of time and scheduled in advance. My reality was darkness and fear and the scary feeling of being cut off completely from the world. It's crazy how much we rely on electricity and other modern technologies. But the second we are reverted back to Amish status, our lives are instantly crippled.

Long story short is even though this week was difficult and I felt some minor struggles and hardships, it is NOTHING compared to the losses others have experienced. Losing homes, possessions or loved ones really makes you have to think. After all the devastation of homes and lost lives -- if there's anything this hurricane has taught me, it is to be grateful of what we have, and not take for granted anything and anyone. And to also be good to each other and the people you care about. My time alone, without theTV, internet, and all the other distractions in life got me back to the core basics of what's truly important. The things we supposedly love and care about the most in life-- and always assumed wouldn't be going anywhere -- can be lost in an instant. 

With nothing but devastation left behind.

So don't ever take anyone forgranted and be good to the people you love. 
Don't question what you have and only appreciate something when it's gone.
Because when it's gone, it's gone.
And you don't want to live a life of "what if's"
Life is precious. 
When you have love, hold on to it, protect it, and never let it go.

Don't miss any opportunity. Tell someone you love them today. 

-Pretty Little Things


  1. SO glad to hear you're ok! Its crazy to see the pictures of how hard it hit.


  2. I am so happy to know that you are ok!

  3. I heard Hoboken is still flooded? glad you are ok.

  4. So happy to hear that you are well - thoughts and prayers go out to everyone back east that are facing trials right now. (((Hugs)))


  5. So glad to hear your okay! Nice post!

  6. Yes we are... Blessed!

    Have a great weekend.




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