What did we do before J.Crew Factory?

Seriously, what did we do before J.Crew factory? I know they always existed when you could find a Factory store near you (luckily I grew up near one at our local outlet mall) but since they have become available online in the past year, it has made shopping so much better. Not to mention they have really stepped up their game. What I've noticed is they are featuring a lot of items from the regular J.Crew store from last year, changing the quality a bit, lowering the cost, and giving me the opportunity to buy something I wasn't able to afford the year before.
Take this adorable french hen sweater. I remember wanting this from J.Crew last year (in it's original cashmere version) but for a couple hundred dollars, I just couldn't rationalize that purchase. No matter how adorable that little hen is in his cute french beret. Now, I was able to pick it up for half the price this year -- SCORE!
The only downside: they sell out fast!! I've learned that if I like something, I pretty much have to scoop it up right then and there, or else it will be sold out before I know it. Even as I write this post, I'm guessing by the time you read this, some of these items will be sold out already. So act fast! 

J.crew factory picks

My current fall J.Crew Factory picks:

Is anyone else as obsessed with the J.Crew Factory store like I am?
What do you think of their quality and selection?

Happy Monday everyone! Let's do this : )

xo Steph


  1. I like J. Crew Factory just as much as the normal J. Crew. I actually think it's the same quality but that may just be me!


  2. Love the Factory store! I miss J.Crew all together being over here in Ireland!

  3. That herringbone sweater with the jeweled collar is gorgeous!

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  4. I know! how pretty is that sweater? of course it's already sold out!!

  5. oh wow they don't have j.crew in Ireland?

  6. I like being able to pick up something I missed out on the year before!

  7. I love fall sweaters especially when they are from J.Crew Factory! :)


  8. me too! my wallet likes it especially!!

  9. agreed! like you, I might be picking up that polka dot sequined top in black since I already have it in ivory from last year! : )


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