Halloween Recap & Guns N' Roses Reunion

Halloween was such a blast this year, and D and I got to celebrate it twice - we went out on actual Halloween night, and then went to a party with friends on Saturday night. Dressing up for Halloween has always been a favorite of mine (I don't think I've missed dressing up a year yet -- even considering the past two years we had a blizzard and Hurricane Sandy ruin our day) so wearing costumes is definitely my thing! This year I let D pick out what we were going to be, and though I was hesitant about the whole Guns N' Roses theme, it turned out amazing and we had so much fun! We entered the costume contest at the party were were at (1st place wins $300) but we left as a runner-up with a stainless steel cooler. So much for the cash!! Even though it is a pretty nice cooler. D's cousin and fiancee dressed up as Price is Right contestants and came home with 2nd place and $200 so good for them. All in all, such a great and loved every minute of this Halloween season. Now -- bring on the turkey because Thanksgiving is on the way!!

Did you dress up for Halloween?  Have you ever won a costume contest?

xo Steph


  1. We didn't dress up this year - but your Axl is awesome! My husband dressed up as him a few years ago and it was so much fun. He went as kilted Axl. I had to make his "hair" from a weave that I purchased and I glued it with a glue gun to the bandana (we didn't have any good wig stores around at the time). I still feel like my pads of my fingers are suffering from the burns. I LOVE halloween!!!

  2. love this costume of you guys.you did a good job.Sure looks like you had soooo much fun.Love you from Grola.

  3. Your costumes looked awesome! I am bad at coming up with Halloween costume ideas so I typically try not to dress up! I'm defiantly not a costume contest champ!

  4. Wow - what great costumes! Price is right contestant is fun too! What was the first prize dressed as?

    We try to dress up as a family and this year we were army men/women.


  5. You guys look great. Awesome costumes.

  6. Such fun costumes! Hopefully you can use the cooler or sell it for some cash!


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