Entertain: Host a Mother's Day Brunch

It's a funny thing about Mother's Day. Most moms I know like a big "ta-do" for their special day. Taking them out to a nice lunch (which is what I'll be doing for my momma and D's mom) or hosting a special event at home. The key is attention to detail! Where on the flip side, Father's Day usually consists of a low key day at home grilling (with Dad in charge of the grill of course) and beers on the patio. Why is that? Is anyone else's family like that? Maybe dads in general are more simple and don't like a lot of fuss? Anyway, I put together some inspiration for hosting a mother's day brunch of your own. I actually put these ideas together last year, so they are the perfect #tbt.  All original ideas can be found {here} on my {pinterest} page.
1. bright & colorful flowers are a must (tulips are my pick)
2 have an arrangement of various teas and display them in a pretty way
3. Momma's day chalk board art -- love this song : )
When it comes to breakfast/brunch food, I'm one of those people who can never decide if they want a sweet or savory choice. Egg and bacon or french toast -- I just can't decide!! The ultimate food dilemma. So why not have both? A little it of everything we surely please all hungry bellies.
4.  Bloody mary shooters garnished with shrimp 
(sans alcohol for my momma who doesn't drink)
5. Egg and bacon mini cups - why haven't I thought of this?
6. Nutella & strawberry french toast. 
I have died and gone to heaven
7. Fruit & munchkin skewers because, well they're too stinkin' cute not to have.

We're almost at the weekend folks!
xo Steph


  1. Oh my gee the french toast looks freaking amazing!!

    Kristina does the Internets

  2. We're totally on the same blogging wavelength this week! I just posted about Mother's Day Brunch! http://www.cookingwithkale.com/2014/05/mothers-day-brunch.html

  3. Love these captured and admire you skill .

  4. So delicious recipe. I would love to make these at home. Thanks


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