Father's Day Backyard BBQ

Reminder: Father's Day is this weekend people! For us, it's a joint father's day/dad's birthday weekend. Literally his birthday is on Friday and Father's Day is Sunday. So Saturday we are planning to do a low-key backyard BBQ, just the way my dad likes it. In his words, it's a good day if he doesn't have to leave the property! Our fiesta will most likely be even more low-key than this, at the end of the day my family likes to keep things simple -- but here are some party details I'm thinking of incorporating.
For original source details, you can find them on my Father's Day BBQ board on my Pinterest page. 
1. Arnold Palmers! What's not to like? Half lemonade, half iced tea. And for the adult drinkers, throw in some vodka :)
2. Outdoor games. Cornhole is a personal favorite of mine, as D and I were recently in a corn hole league (true story)
3. Outdoor bowling (D and I were also in a bowling league and that's how we met) fun fact, haha

 4. serve beers and cold beverages in cute metal bins
5. BBQ chicken on the grill to make the meat eaters very happy
6. lighten things up with an orzo salad with grilled summer veggies
7. Burgers with a twist. Stuff them for a caprese version.
8. Instead of traditional salads, serve iceberg wedges. I know my dad prefers iceberg lettuce opposed to the "weird other lettuce" aka romaine/spinach/spring mix.
9. The manliest of cupcakes. Made with beer too!
10.  Coke Floats. Or Ice Cream Sodas according to D. These one's were D's dad's favorite treat -- so they are a must for dessert :)
Just like the traditional root beer float, but better!

So what do you have planned for all the wonderful dads in your life?

xo Steph


  1. lovely ideas!!! love the stash cupcakes!

  2. HAppy fathers day . Great collection .


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