Our Engagement Party

Well how about it….I am FINALLY getting around to sharing some pics from our engagement party that our wonderful families threw for us. This was waaayyyy back in October and we had such a lovely time. We only invited close local family and our friends who were in our wedding party. We wanted to keep the night intimate where we could just focus on food, family and fun. 
the future Mr. & Mrs. D. Complete with crystal stemware, so fancy.
I also knew I wanted to use this party as a time to ask my girls, well rather pop the question if they would be my bridesmaids. Not all my bridesmaids could come, since they are scattered all over the place, but I did infact, pop the big question to my ladies who were there.
Each got a little box with their name on it, a card from me, a mini bottle of wine, some yummy chocolates, a fun Essie nail polish, and cake batter flavored (yes, you heard that right!) chapstick. Just some little goodies to make the night more special.
I also saw this adorable idea of Etsy with diamond ring shaped toothpicks, that when popped on the top of a doughnut, make them look like little diamond rings. So cute right? I had a platter set out of apple cider donuts (because it was October) a we snapped the cute pic above!
I got to spend time with my girlfriends, some who I don't get to see very often so it was really a nice night.
D serenaded me with songs as D does on more than one occasion ;)
 And overall it was such a lovely night. Our families have already gotten to know each other over the years since we've been together for a while, and because they get along so well, everyone had a blast. Some may have even had a little too much to drink! ;) When people have to spend the night at your place unexpectedly because they may have indulged in a few too many libations, you know it's been a great night! 

xo Steph


  1. I wish we could have made it to this! It looked like such a nice night for you guys :-)

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