Halloween Recap

Keeping my promise over here and sharing some of my Halloween pics from the weekend :) So first off, you know D and I LOVE Halloween. Well actually, I love Halloween and D inadvertently had to either start loving it or, well, start loving it. Needless to say, he's on board for dressing up for Halloween for the rest of our years. And I love that!
But here is the unveiling of our 2014 costume. And no, we are not an Italian stereotype and a artsy hipster. 
We are Rocky and Adrian from…….Rocky!
"YOOOOOO Adriannnn!!"
And for those of you who are not familiar with the movie or reference, here is a picture below from the original Rocky movie we were trying to channel. Usually when people do Rocky costumes, they do the typical "Rocky in his boxing gear" or "Rocky in his work out gray sweatpants." As for Adrian, who ever dresses up as Adrian? Well I do because if you know the movie, Adrian is pretty kick ass. So we went as Rocky in his sweet leather jacket and mousey "pet shop" Adrian, complete with short hair and cat eye glasses. Shown below :)
Of course our chalkboard wall had to get some love too.
Halloween in HoBOOken :)
Group shot before we went out. We had a birthday girl and her piñata, Rocky and Adrian, and Goose from Top Gun.

Check out D's shiner I gave him. 
it's pretty amazing what you can do with a little purple eye shadow!
This was one of our easiest Halloween costumes to date. I owned all the clothes to make my costume, and D's pieces were all straight out of my dad's closet haha. I was really worried a lot of people wouldn't "get" who we were -- because let's face it, if we weren't standing together the costume doesn't make sense. But surprisingly we got soooo many compliments and people just loved it!

So how was your Halloween? I'm always a little bummed when it's over, but at the same time the trifecta of holidays for me is just beginning. Now on to Thanksgiving……

xo Steph


  1. How cute and different ! Love it


    1. thanks Rose! I must admit there was no one else out on Halloween that was dressed like us! :)

  2. What a great idea - you both totally nailed this!

    1. thanks Kelly! As a Rocky fan, D was so proud how "accurate" we were haha :)

  3. Yay welcome back! You guys looked great!

    1. thanks Jenn!! It feels good to be blogging again but its definitely hard finding the time lately. did you and Dean dress up this year??

  4. Great costumes!! I love Halloween too and we dressed up as a family as superheroes...it was a lot of fun.


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