November Cravings

November is finally here and it's one of my favorite months. For one thing, I work in a school in New Jersey and we have what's known as "NJ Teachers Convention" -- so we get the first Thursday and Friday of the month off. Who doesn't love a four day weekend? Add that to Thanksgiving vacation this month, and November tends to FLY by. Plus now that Halloween is over, it's now ok to have the holidays on the brain and get in the festive mood. Christmas music is officially acceptable to be played. Holiday shopping can be started. Merriment and joy can officially be smelled in the air :) And now that it's gotten much colder, I've been craving some warm and cozy clothes to get me through. I've been really attracted to the red, black and white combo lately and loving wine colored nails. And P.S. red cups are officially out and about. That means business people :) Here are some pieces that I'm currently craving to add to my wardrobe.

november craves

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  1. I love everything about this outfit! I've been starting at these darn bucket bags an awful lot lately but I'm a little nervous to make the plunge on a nice one. I tend to get really into these trends and then just walk away from it as if I haven't invested.

  2. That red vest is everything...and I am so stoked for this 4 day weekend, its is our first days off all year!

  3. All of these products are very impressive .


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