Friday Forum: Thoughts on Instagram, Facebook and social media over sharing?

So today is my first attempt at the "Friday Forum" and I thought I'd start with a topic that is near and dear (literally) to us all, every second of the day. Social Media. As bloggers and blog readers, clearly we all have a connection and desire to WANT to share bits and pieces of our lives. We may all have different reasons to share whether it be to connect with others, as a medium to express yourself, or to have a creative outlet. But regardless, many of us share. While I blog and have a personal Facebook and Instagram page, I have been hesitant of opening up my Instagram to the blogging world. While I know many bloggers do share, I'm scared to do so and I don't know why. I have nothing to hide, and share the same pics on IG as I do on the blog. So why do I feel this way?

With our culture revolving around social media, do you think we are over sharing our lives? Do you over share? How do you think it has impacted your life -- both positively and negatively? Have you ever felt like you needed a social media break? Or did you just delete it from your life all together?Please share your thoughts with me and let the conversation begin :) xo


  1. Hi! Silent reader of your blog over here! I really enjoyed this post. My husband and I both have social media FB and IG accounts, however after having our first son we made the decision not to over share his pictures everywhere! There are zero pics on FB for the main reason of the little "share" button on photos and status (I know who my friends are but I don't know who other people's friends are and who could be looking at him) we share on IG, because we both have tight control over who sees the pics. For any family not on IG we send emails but strongly stress "do not share"

    1. Hi Katie! Thanks for sharing with me! I totally understand where you're coming from - I don't have kids myself, but I think once I do, I will have to think twice before sharing. Your kids have no choice what gets shared to the world, so I do think it's important to protect their privacy. I always wonder with all those mommy bloggers out there too -- do you think they will ever regret their level of over sharing?

  2. Great topic! My IG is more for the blog than personal though I have friends that are on IG. I have found as a blog growth base, IG has been the most popular and so I have tried to keep that pretty light hearted and blog related. I do share photos of my family here and there but much less than I used to.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

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