Healthy Breakfast: Egg & Avocado Toast

In attempts to lose weight for the wedding, and just to be overall healthier, I have been trying to make better food choices (notice I didn't say diet!). For a person who loves to eat, this can be difficult. But for me, it's all about finding healthy meal options you actually like, and sticking to them. 
Enter: the egg and avocado toast.
This breakfast or really anytime meal/snack is so quick and simple, it can be made before work. Now there is no excuse to hit up Dunkin' Donuts drive through. Here's what you need as well as the calorie counts, because counting calories on the My Fitness Pal app has really helped me as well. 

// Ingredients //

1 egg, over easy, medium or to your liking (70 calories)
1/4 avocado  (62 calories)
1/2 Thomas' Whole Wheat Bagel Thin (55 calories)
dashes of hot sauce to your liking (Zero calories. I love Frank's Red Hot Sauce - I really do put that shit on everything!)
salt and pepper to taste

Cook your 1 egg to your liking while sticking half the bagel thin in the toaster. I season the fried egg in the pan with salt and pepper while it cooks. When your bagel is toasted, mash up a quarter avocado onto the bagel thin with a fork. You can obviously use toast too if you want, I just love these whole wheat bagel thins since they are lower in calories. Once your egg is cooked to perfection, place it on top of the avocado, and season with a dash (or more) of hot sauce. Nix the hot sauce if it's not your thing. I love it because it gives it a ton of flavor with no calories. But you could also top it with salsa if you want. And voila! A healthy breakfast/snack option that takes virtually no time to prepare. 

**Also a helpful tip for saving your avocado: keep the pit in the avocado and wrap it in plastic wrap. Your avocado won't turn all nasty and brown and will last you through 4 breakfasts of making this quickie dish**

Are you avocado obsessed like me? What are your go-to healthy breakfasts?

xo Steph


  1. It's so funny that you're posting this today because I've noticed that everyone down here seems to be obsessed with alvocado toast and various egg options! There's even a place in miami that is known specifically for their alvocado toast! I started keeping whole wheat english muffins, and an avacado at work and making some hard-boiled eggs at night. In the morning I grab an egg, run out the door, and make my own version of this breakfast at my desk! It's a nice alternative option for mornings when you don't have time to make an egg!


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