Dachshund Love.

This post is expressing my love for all things Dachshund! As you know, D and I have a little Dachshund of our own Tiki {our very own perma-puppy} and she is just the cutest thing, well at least in my opinion! So today I am sharing some of my favorite Dachshund finds - happy shopping!

Doxie sleepy time
itty bitty doxie arms. <3
This giraffe costume just kills me!

and then there's our little pup - who HATES having to wear outfits {shown here is the dog snuggie} but she does it anyway because she knows mommy love it! : )

Anyone else have a love of all things Dachshund and want to share some cute pics?

-Pretty Little Things


  1. you have such a cute little pup! I have a doxie myself and they make the best pets! stay pretty xoxo

  2. Hi! Where did you find all those cute dachshund items? Loving it!!


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