Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentine's Day all! Hope that whatever you're doing today you are celebrating the love for yourself and others! I'm off of work today for "winter recess" -- which I'll take! The snow over here has taken over and we're living in a current state of snowmaggedon. Tonight D and I are are heading into the city (NYC) to see Rocky, the new musical on Broadway. This was actually a Christmas gift I got for D, and the smarty pants that I am, I booked it for Valentine's day. So it kinda served as a two-for-one gift giving thing. Winning! And Rocky on Broadway is in it's opening week so I'm really excited to see how the movie will be portrayed on stage. And in case you haven't actually seen any Rocky movies, do yourself and your man a favorite and just watch it. I fought it for years thinking the movies looked like stupid cheesy 80's movies, but in reality they are well written, inspiring, and in fact an awesome love story between Rocky and Adrienne. The first Rocky actually won the oscar for best picture in 1976. 
So with that being said....."Yo! Adrienne!"
Also remember when I mentioned in this post that I didn't have time to decorate. Well I threw together a little festive mantle just in time for the occasion.
 Also from this post, I may have called D out that he never wrote on my chalkboard last year with reasons why we love each other. Well apparently he took it to heart (no pun intended) and I came home to THIS (see above). An original D created chalkboard. Like really?? How adorable and impressive is that? I didn't even know he had an artistic side?! I'm also really loving the little pink and purple hearts floating upwards.....so very artistic.
And I know my blog has been waaaaay lacking on the outfit posts so this is a quick shot I snapped at work with my doxie love sweater. You probably can't see it but there's a red heart on the collar. So completely valentine appropriate.
Then he made me this. This is a strawberry made into a rose. D's uncle owns an Italian Restaurant (The Italian Cucina) in New Hope, PA and they were asking him advice on some festive things to add to the menu for valentine's day. The clever one that D is, he went on my Pinterest page and searched around to find the strawberry rose. To prove to his aunt and uncle they were easy to make, he quickly made one himself following a tutorial online, and then proceeded to give it to me when I got home from work. He never ceases to surprise me!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day loves!

xo Steph


  1. I love that dog sweater! Happy Valentine's day!

  2. That sweater is perfect!! Have a great Valentine's Day!

  3. Happy Valentines Steph! So a couple things:
    1) Your man is way too sweet! I love that message he wrote on the board (totally has an artistic bone!) and that strawberry is so creative. I actually just love that he jumped on Pinterest for inspiration!
    2) Have fun with Rocky tonight! Perfect idea for today :)

    xo - Marion

  4. Love the strawberry idea!

  5. I love that you decorate for Valentines and you two are just so romantic - I love it!!!

    Hope that Rocky was a good show.


  6. I always have a great Valentines Day with you and tickets to Rocky (as I mentioned before) is the true way to a man's heart!! ;) Love you and happy V-Day!!

  7. love the little strawberry rose, how cute!! xxo

  8. How cute is all the Valentines Day cuteness, especially like the strawberry rose:)

  9. Your strawberry art is so cute.


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  11. Awwe that strawberry rose is adorable. My hubby surprised me by making dinner and setting up the table with a small bouquet of flowers and by making two roses out of paper serviettes (which he quickly learned how to do on Youtube whilst I was in the shower). It's the little things that count :)

  12. These love days photographs are gorgeous , thanks .


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