Today is a Special Day...

Today is a very special day. 31 years, my parents got married. 31 years later, they are still married, still together, still laughing and still in love. Not only are they my parents, but they are my friends who I love hanging out with, and most importantly, people I really admire. It's becoming more rare to see people staying married for the "long haul" and I really admire what my parents have. Are they perfect? Not at all. (Sorry mom and dad!) But do look up to them and hope that someday I can have what they have? Absolutely. I don't want to make this long and sappy but I do want to tell my mom and dad Happy Anniversary and let you know you how much you taught me about life and love everything in between. You both are amazing people and I am so grateful to call you my parents! : )
Cheers to you guys and to many, many, many, many more happy years!!

I hope you both have a wonderful day!!

xo Steph
(and D and Tiki too!)


  1. Aww very cute!


  2. What great pictures! Happy anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. G!

  3. Wow, 31 years is something to celebrate for sure! Your parents are such a darling couple!

  4. Sooo sweet of you.Brought tears to my eyes.Thank yyou very much. we love being your parents all these years. .You and Dean are the best things that ever happened to us.. thanks for a wonderful tribute. to celebrate thi beautiful day Dad and I ARE GOING OUT TO SHOVEL SNOW.haha. We did have a blizzard 2 days before the wedding..Haha. thanks again very much. Love you and D and Tiks. Love Grola :)

  5. awwwwww. so sweet. It's so amazing that you chose to honor them in this post. We don't often see that in a blog post nowadays. =) They seem so sweet! Happy anniversary to them!

  6. This is such a sweet post! Happy Anniversary to your parents, and here's to 31 more :)

  7. this really is the sweetest! i love having parents that have been married for so long- it gives me something great to aspire to be! like you said, though our parents are not perfect, its still so amazing that they've managed to share their lives together for so long! happy anniversary to them!



  8. What a beautiful post!! 31 years and still in love is something to be celebrated but it is also something to be admired and imitated. Love you both and I hope you have another great 31 years.

  9. Awww, such a sweet post. Happy 31st anniversary to them!!! I love how u showed the wedding pic and current one. So funny how all the pics show your parents on the same side : )

  10. The last photo captured looks more pretty .


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