Valentine's Day Recap

I know I'm a little late on the recap, but between getting lost and unplugging for a 5 day weekend (one of the perks of working in education) and then going back to a crazy work week, blogging has been harder than ever! One of these days I'll discover some hidden hours in my day.....But until then, enjoy this post about a week late!
 For Valentine's day, I woke up to these fluffy and delicious strawberry pancakes. Served on a heart plate. Because he's good like that. He had me at pancakes. The way to this girl's heart is definitely by feeding me, hands down!! So for Valentine's Day, D and I don't typically go out to dinner or give gifts. Around us, all the restuarants are ridiculously overpriced, so we usually go out to dinner the day after. This year (since we both weren't working on the day) we went out to lunch and this little Thai place around the corner from us that was super cheap (hello lunch special!) and even came with free ice cream. Win-win!
 Just another pic of the pancakes because they are too delicious not to.
 Olive you.
Also got to rock my adorable baseball tee from the talented Jessica Garvin and SaSeaDecor. : )
 At night went to the opening weekend of Rocky on Broadway. Which by the way, was awesome.
Not as great as the films...but still very cool. We went to the second night opening ever, and we heard rumors that Slyvester Stallone made a secret guest appearance opening night. I was hoping the same thing would happen the night we were there because it would have made D's day LIFE.
Sadly, it was a no go. Maybe next time D!
One of my favorite things about living near the city is getting to see the gorgeous skyline every day, including the Empire State Building. Fun Fact for any non-New Yorkers: the Empire State Building frequently changes colors based on holidays, sports, special occasions, etc. There's actually a website that will tell you what the colors mean. They even have their own twitter here.
So Valentine's Day in New York was clearly showing the LOVE with red and pink, and sparkles too!
Overall it was a great night with the person I love the most!
And on that note -- Happy Friday everyone : )

xo Steph


  1. Now I know it would have been a big deal for me to meet Sly and yes he was the motivation behind every workout and run I did growing up but you make my LIFE!! I know that sounds so cheesy and corny but it's the truth!! I love you and even though I am not a fan of Valentines day due to the 200% markup on flowers and the limited menus, I am a fan of you ;)

  2. those pancakes look delish!! xxo

  3. Um, how perfect are pancakes on a heart shape plate?! What a guy!
    And glad you had a great time at the Rocky play. I still love that you made that a double-gift :)

    Hope you have a great week girl!
    xo - Marion

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  5. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

    Have a wonderful day.


  6. totally just scrolling thru your blog and saw that you had on my shirt!!!!!!! totally made my day!!!!!!! xoxo

    1. I love my baseball tee -- thanks to you and Jess! :)


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